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Psalm 89

June 4, 2009

This is one of the longer psalms, 52 verses with 9 distinct subjects. The first four verses and the last four verses use the word “I” which refers to Israel, not to the psalmist.

Since this psalm is so long I will just summarize the different sections.

Verses 1-4: Israel pledges to be the Lord’s witness boasting of His love and faithfulness. God’s love and faithfulness is expressed in His covenant with David to keep him on Israel’s throne forever.

Verses 5-8: The sand their holy ones [angels] praise God for His wonders. No one in the heavens is greater or more powerful than the Lord God.

Verses 9-13: God rules the seas, the nations, and all the earth in addition to the heavens.

Verses 14-18: God rules in righteousness and with justice while exhibiting His love and faithfulness. He blesses those who seek His fellowship and rejoice in His Name. He is Israel’s protector. Israel’s king [David] is a God-fearing king.

Verses 19-29: God appointed David as Israel’s king and will sustain and strengthen him. Israel’s foes will be crushed and Israel will be blessed. His kingship will last forever. Jesus is of David’s lineage and is now on the throne.

Verses 30-37: If David’s sons forsake God, God will punish them but He will not remove His love from Israel. God is faithful.

Verses 38-45: But Israel has turned away from God and He is punishing them. They have also turned away from David, their God-fearing king.

Verses 46-48: The psalmist prays on behalf of Israel for God to come out of hiding and remove His wrath. He asks that God [Messiah] would come and save them.


Verses 49-52: The psalmist asks for the return of God’s love and faithfulness and that the other nations no longer mock and taunt Israel and its’ king. Praise be to God.

This psalm is a glimpse of Israel under King David. God is love and is faithful to His people. But Israel has lost their faithfulness to and love for God. God has shown His characteristics of love, faithfulness, righteousness, justice, and power. Acknowledge the Lord God as King of the universe, as King of the nations, and as King of your life and He will bless you, exalting your horn, sustain you, and protect you. Praise God for He is faithful.

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