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Psalm 9

June 4, 2009

There are different ways of outlining this psalm but I have chosen the following way:

  1. A Personal Commitment vs. 1-2
  2. A Personal Answer and Praise vs. 3-12
  3. A Personal Request vs. 13-20

First David commits to praise God and to tell of His wonders. He sees God’s hand in his life and in the life of Israel and commits to telling others and showing them how God has been and is involved in their being. This is reason to rejoice and praise God on High.

David immediately begins fulfilling his commitment by telling of God’s wonders. Their enemies have stumbled and perished. God has judged them, rebuked them, and destroyed them. Some will never return and their memory will cease.

David continues fulfilling the second part of his commitment by praising God. The Lord reigns forever. He will judge righteously and also rule righteously. God Himself will reign in David’s place someday. The Lord is a place of safety and security in troubled times, especially to those who trust Him. The Lord never forsakes those who genuinely seek Him. The Lord is a protector of the righteous. Therefore, sing His praises and proclaim Him before all people. He will comfort those who are afflicted and who cry out to Him. The Lord is both righteous and faithful.

David concludes requesting continued mercy from God, protection from those who wish him dead, that he may continue to fulfill his commitment and praise God to all Israel. The Lord provides salvation to those who seek Him and praise His Name. The Lord judges those who trust in themselves instead of trusting in God. The Lord is just in all He does. He remembers the needy and gives hope to the afflicted. David requests God’s continued sovereignty over the nations in judgment; that those who think they are powerful in themselves, those whose leaders believe they are gods, will know of the Lord’s terror.

In summary then, know that we are to praise God for He is Sovereign. Know that God judges those who refuse to praise His Name. And know that God hears those who seek Him, who are needy, and who are afflicted. God hears our prayers. God answers our prayers. God purposes that we praise Him and thank Him because He is Sovereign over all things and rules with justice and righteousness. Praise His Holy Name.

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