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Psalm 90

June 4, 2009

This psalm begins Book IV and is credited to Moses. It was probably written during the forty years he led the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land.

This psalm begins by acknowledging God as the God of Israel and the one and only Creator God. God is sovereign over life and death and life is short when compared to eternity. Moses compares life to a night watch and grass than sprouts in the morning and is withered and dead at night.

God is also all knowing, omniscient and omnipotent. God sees us as we really are; sinners. Unrepentant sin is punished. In fact, God’s wrath is all too common in our lifetime.

Moses prays that we be wise in the use of our time that we may experience God’s compassion and love and praise His Name. Hopefully God’s days of blessing will be equal to or exceed His days of discipline. Moses prays that we will see Gods’ deeds, how He loves and cares for His children. He prays asking God’s favor upon us as we commit to serve Him for that is our true calling and purpose in life.

God disciplines us and blesses us according to our love, obedience, and faithfulness to Him. Not all our troubles are the result of sin because we do live in a fallen world and do make wrong decisions. But we do need to be aware that God is sovereign over our lives and disciplines those He loves. Israel experienced the wrath of God many times over during their 40 years of wandering and until they demonstrated faith in God to lead them into the Promised Land. So place your trust in God, obey His commands, and be showered with His blessings. Submit your life to His sovereignty.

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