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Psalm 91

June 4, 2009

This psalm speaks of the security we have if we trust in the Lord. There is security on earth and more importantly, eternal security.

We who seek the Lord and rest at His feet trusting in God will be protected from the armies of war and disease. God is faithful and protective of those who trust Him. We can live confidently in the shadow of the Almighty knowing He is watching over us. We need not trust in man because we trust in God. We can live without fear, free to serve Him and praise His Name.

We will see the Lord’s wrath upon the wicked, those who refuse to seek God and trust Him, but we will not experience it. In many ways we can consider this last half prophetic and personal. On the other hand, we can apply these words to us as a nation. God says we will not be harmed or experience disaster because He sends His angels to guard us and to guide us. In fact, God gives us victory over our foes. God does this because we love Him, we acknowledge He is God, and we call upon Him for wisdom. God bestows on us His love, His protection, His wisdom, His presence, His deliverance, and His salvation. He assures us of a long life on earth and for eternity.

Upon hearing His promises and knowing God is faithful, we all should seek God and place our trust in Him. Many do but sadly, many do not. But praise God for His love, His faithfulness, and His patience with us. Seek God, enter His presence, and enjoy Him forever. Live assured of His security. Never fear. Look for His angels of protection. Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Amen!

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