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Psalm 92

June 4, 2009

This is one of the great psalms of praise to God in my opinion. Praising God is good claims the psalmist, especially when accompanied with music. The psalmist proclaims God’s love in the morning and God’s faithfulness in the evening. The psalmist’s heart is filled with joy and music because he sees the Lord working in his life and the lives of others and he sees the handiwork of God’s creation. He praises God because He is sovereign and omnipotent.

The foolish men or wicked men are seen to be like grass. They grow quickly, flourish, but are quickly destroyed.

But the Lord is eternal. He is exalted as the King of Kings forever. He, the Lord, exalts those who seek Him, who praise His Name, who are righteous in His sight. They are like a palm tree growing strong and tall, lasting much longer than grass, bearing fruit throughout their life because they worship God and receive Light from the Son and Living Water from the Holy Spirit. They see and foresee the defeat of their enemies knowing God dispenses righteous justice.

The righteous praise God because He is Righteous, He is Truth, and He is the victor over sin and death. The righteous live eternally in the presence of God.

Living in the Presence of God is now and throughout eternity for all who seek Him and praise His Name. Exalt the Lord God and let Him exalt you in His righteousness forever. Forever praise His Holy Name for He is God.

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