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Psalm 93

June 4, 2009

This is a short psalm praising God because He is King. The King is robed in majesty and armed with strength. He is the supreme ruler of all creation. He was before the creation and is eternal.

The Lord’s strength is compared to the sea and is known to be much greater than pounding waves or breakers. The Lord is mightier than anything we know.

The statutes of the Lord also reign. This includes His Covenants, His commands, His promises, and all spiritual and natural laws. Not only is the Lord eternal, He is Holy. Praise His Name.

The Lord’s Kingship and power rules the earth. Natural laws are constant. They do not change. Nothing man does can change them. The same is true for the Lord’s spiritual laws, the laws that govern who will enter His presence eternally. The Lord is the mighty and holy King, a Holy King robed in majesty for all eternity. Praise His Name for He is good. Worship the one and only true God, the Creator God, the Living God.

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