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Psalm 94

June 4, 2009

One might say there are five distinct themes in this psalm under the umbrella theme of calling the wicked to be judged.

Theme 1 [vs. 1-7]:

This is a general call of the psalmist for God to rise up and judge the wicked because they are proud and joyful of their activities. The wicked are arrogant, full of boasting, oppress the righteous, murder the weak, and claim that God does not care.

Theme 2 [vs. 8-11]:

These verses are a warning to the wicked in answer to their attitude that God does not care. Since God created them with ears and eyes, He has the ability to know what they are doing. God has even proved it by disciplining nations. Therefore, the wicked are fools to think the way they do.

Theme 3 [vs. 12-15]:

God cares for the righteous. He blesses them through discipline and through teaching people His Law. The Lord is faithful to those He loves and who call on Him. He comforts them until judgment comes upon the wicked. Righteousness will one day reign.

Theme 4 [vs. 16-19]:

This is a call for the righteous to stand up against those who are wicked. The psalmist is asking God for help from others who are righteous. The psalmist senses failure and is anxious but is also assured of the Lord’s presence.

Theme 5 [vs. 20-23]:

It is wrong to think that evil is partnered with good, that wickedness is acceptable to the Righteous One. Therefore, the psalmist seeks refuge with the Lord knowing that he will be protected and assured that the wicked will be destroyed.

Regardless of your circumstances, God is faithful to those who seek Him and obey Him. You may ask “Where is God?” in this situation but remember He is sovereign over the nations and individuals. God has the last word. He will judge and destroy the wicked as well as protect and care for the righteous. In the meantime, trust God and stand up against the wicked and stand for the righteous. May your life count for the Lord.

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