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Psalm 95

June 4, 2009

This psalm appears to have three sections. The first, verses1-6, tells who God is and why it is important that we worship Him. The second, verses 7-8, explains who we are. The third, verses 9-11, expresses God’s attitude toward those who refuse to acknowledge Him as Almighty God.

First the Lord is the “rock of salvation”. It was by His grace that it came to be. He is both the founder and the foundation of salvation for man. The Lord is great, above all other gods. He is King and He is the Creator of earth and man. Therefore, it is both logical and reasonable [and necessary] that we sing and shout with joy, that we seek Him to give thanks, and that we bow down and worship Him.

Second, God is our God. He is our shepherd and we are His sheep assuming we have heard His voice and not hardened our hearts toward God as Israel did in the wilderness between Egypt and the Promised Land.

Third, God is not happy with those who ignore Him, who do not listen to His wisdom, and who don’t follow Him or aren”t thankful for His gift of salvation. As with Israel wandering in the desert, they will not enter God’s rest, the Promised Land, and have eternal life in heaven.

So take heed. Remember Christ died for our sin. He, God, is the rock of our salvation. Acknowledge His power over death, His power to create, His justice, His holiness, His righteousness, His love, His mercy and His grace. Place your hope and trust in Him. Be joyful and thankful in your praise and worship of God, the King of Kings. Do not make the same mistake Israel did causing them to wander in the desert for 38 years and not enter the Promised Land until a whole new generation of faithful people were raised up. Trust and obey the one and only true God. Worship Him with a loud voice and a heart of joy.

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