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Psalm 98

June 4, 2009

This is another psalm with a similar theme, that of praising God for revealing His power and salvation [see Psalms 95-97]. It has two subjects or divisions. The first praises God [vs. 1-6] and the second [vs. 7-9] tells of His creation praising God. One could also divide the first section into two parts; the first a song of praise and the second emphasizing the use of musical instruments to aid in singing praise to God.

Once again we are encouraged and exhorted to praise God for His marvelous deeds, His power, His salvation, His righteousness, and for His love and faithfulness to His people, Israel. This refers to God removing Israel from Egypt and bringing them to the Promised Land to possess it. Thus, God showed His faithfulness and love for His people. Their exodus was a testimony of God’s character, particularly His salvation.

We are to shout for joy and sing praise to God. We are to make music to God, a form of worship, using harps and trumpets. The use of musical instruments aids us in praising God with our voices.

We are to praise God and so is His creation, the sea, all the people, rivers, and mountains. The Lord’s creation shows God’s handiwork and is a testimony of praise to the Lord God. The Lord God is worthy of our praise in that He also judges the world and its’ people with righteous justice.

Remember God’s goodness and His provision of salvation to His people, those who place their faith in Him. God was faithful to Israel and He is faithful to we who believe in Him and His salvation through Jesus Christ. Look around and see His handiwork. Then praise Him and give Him thanks for His goodness, His creation, His love, and His faithfulness. As God He is worthy of our praise and worship. Remember and worship the Lord God of all creation.

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