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Psalm 103

June 5, 2009

This psalm, attributed to David, contains one of the most comprehensive and complete descriptions of God found in scripture. This psalm is not so much a call or exhortation to praise God but a true psalm of praise to God. When we read this psalm we are actually praising God and remembering all His benefits.

The benefits of God are:

  • He forgives sin
  • He heals our diseases
  • He has the power to redeem us
  • He is filled with love and compassion
  • He fulfills our needs and desires
  • He practices righteousness and justice for the oppressed
  • He is compassionate and gracious
  • He is slow to anger and abounding in love
  • He is patient and understanding
  • He is merciful
  • His children are ‘special”
  • He is all knowing
  • He is eternal
  • He is the ultimate ruler over all

These benefits are reason to praise God, especially for those who are His “angels”, His servants, His witnesses, and who obey Him.

God is worthy of praise from we who love and worship Him, from the angels who reside in heaven, and from all creation. God is worthy of praise from me. Praise His Holy Name.

As you read this psalm, praise the Lord for all His benefits from the depths of your soul. God, who sits on His throne in heaven, is worthy. Bow down and worship Him with thanksgiving and praise.

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