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Psalm 108

June 5, 2009

This psalm is attributed to David and consists of two parts. The first part gives us insight into the worship habits of David [vs. 1-6]. The second part, verses 7-13, is God’s answer to David’s requests. Theses requests are not recorded here but I speculate that this psalm was written when David was commencing to unify Israel at the beginning of his reign.

David begins by expressing his faith in God. He begins his day worshipping and praising God. His desire is not only to worship God but to make Him known to Israel and to the surrounding nations. His reign on Israel’s throne has the goal of uniting God’s people but even more important is that they be an example of faith in God to others. Praising God and giving glory to His Name assures them that God will directly be involved in their salvation and deliverance from their enemies.

David hears God’s answer to his requests and has his direction concerning what to do with Shechem and Succoth and what is to take place concerning Gilead, Manasseh, Ephraim, Judah, Moab, Edom, and Philistia. God is leading him to unite Israel. God had stopped going out with Saul’s army but He will be going out with David’s army to bring victory over Israel’s enemies and unite the chosen people of God. The unity of God’s people is founded in the praise and worship of God Almighty.

Start each day by praising and worshipping God. Bring your requests before Him and be quiet, listening for His direction. Rejoice in God’s involvement in your life. Obey Him and rejoice in life’s victories given you by the Lord God Almighty.

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