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Psalm 109

June 5, 2009

This psalm of David is similar to many others he has written such as Psalms 35, 55-58, 62, 64, 69 and 70. And there may be others. David expresses his reliance on God and asks the Lord to deal with his enemies who engage in false accusations. This was probably written later in his life when David was weak politically and was in poor health. It could easily have been written during the same time period of those psalms mentioned above.

In verses 1-5 David’s enemies are defined as those who lie and practice deceit. They take advantage of David’s friendship to attack him with hateful words. These verses also describe David. He is a man who offers praise to God and who believes in prayer. He also believes God answers his prayers.

David’s first request to God is that He will judge his enemies now. Verses 6-20 are singular, not plural as is the rest of the psalm. David is probably speaking about the leader of those who are against him, the instigator of these false accusations. David wants him found guilty, short lived, no descendants, ruined financially, to receive no pity. He wants his sins against David and others to be remembered forever. He is not to be forgiven. He wants his enemy’s curses to backfire and be a curse to him. Evidently this individual was in some position of leadership which required David and him to be political allies but of which David had no authority with which to remove him from his duties.

David continues in verse 21 to ask the Lord to bless him and to deliver Him. David is poor and needy, exhausted, and weak. He is helpless. That is why he prays to God to save him, to take over, to shame and disgrace his enemies. In the meantime David is going to concentrate on praising God assured that God has heard his prayer, assured that God understands the situation, and assured that God will act to save his life and reestablish his authority. David is assured God is at his right hand to rule over His people.

At some time in our lives we all will experience something similar. Someone we consider as a friend will falsely accuse us in an attempt to remove us from what God purposed us to do. When that happens, remember God is at your right hand. God is at your beckoned call. God knows the situation better than you. Humble yourself before His throne, ask Him to take over, and make it your priority to praise God, thanking Him for His deliverance and His abundant love.

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