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Psalm 112

June 5, 2009

This psalm focuses on the blessings God bestows on those who seek Him and obey Him [see Lev. 26]. These blessings are God’s promises to those who obey His Word. This psalm deals briefly at the end with those who are wicked. It contrasts the righteous with the wicked, the obedient with the disobedient, those who fear the Lord with those who despise Him similar to Psalm 1.

It begins with “Praise the Lord”. It is a proclamation and exhortation plus a simple statement of devotion and worship. God is God and worthy of our praise.

The psalm continues to define God’s blessings for those who fear the Lord, who honor Him, who respect Him, who worship Him, and who obey Him. These blessings are as follows:

  1. Their children and descendant will be righteous and influential in their society and culture. [vs. 2]
  2. Wealth and riches belong to the righteous. This could come in the form of material possessions but they always come in the form of emotional and spiritual possessions [see Eph. 1]. The righteous are steadfast and assured. Faith and love for God and each other abound. [vs. 3]
  3. They possess hope and continue to be gracious and compassionate even when life is tough and hardships exist. [vs. 4]
  4. They are generous with their material possessions in helping others in need. They don’t discriminate but give according to need. [vs.5]
  5. Their faith is in God. They are steadfast like a rock. They can be trusted because they trust in God. When others waver, they are strong. The life they live is remembered as an example for others to follow. [vs. 6-7]
  6. They are filled with Hope in God because of their faith and trust in God. They do not fear the future. Victory over their oppositions is assured by God because God is faithful. [vs. 8]
  7. They are both giving and forgiving. Life is better on earth when they die than when they were born. They leave a positive legacy of doing good and doing right, a legacy of righteousness honored by both man and God. [vs. 9]

The wicked simply disappear and are not seen or heard no more. [vs. 10]

Choose to fear the Lord and seek His righteousness. Live for Him on earth and live with Him forever. Enter His Presence and hear Him say “Well done thou good and faithful servant”. Praise the Lord! Blessed are those who praise His Name.

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