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Psalm 113

June 5, 2009

This psalm begins in the same manner as Psalm 112 with the statement “Praise the Lord”. Its’ focus is praising the Name of the Lord. As His servants we are to continuously praise His Name. We are to praise Him every day of our lives including eternity. We are to praise His Name all day long. In other words, everything we say and do ought to praise His Name, ought to point out whom we serve, the Lord God. We are to hold our tongues and love others for the sake of the Lord God.

Verse 4 begins stating reasons why we should praise God. First, He is Lord over all the nations, the King of Kings. He rules both heaven and earth. He is sovereign over all creation ruling from His throne in heaven. Second, He gives value to and loves the poor and needy. Those who are humble are given seats of honor and influence. Third, He gives life to the barren woman. She lives in peace with hope knowing God is the creator of life. I believe this is a metaphor for Israel and this psalm is really describing the work of God. God is ruler of all creation. All who humble themselves before God are raised up to glory by Him and for Him. Israel is on earth, barren, but eventually gives birth to a Savior, the Messiah, who brings forth the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom are those who acknowledge God, who humble themselves before Him in worship and service, and who place their faith in Jesus Christ, God’s Son

Therefore, praise the Lord. Praise Him always. Serve the King of Kings with gladness and thanksgiving. Humble yourself before His throne as a servant. Live knowing His peace by placing your hope in Him. Remember, the Lord is good, righteous, and just. He wants us as children in His Kingdom. Praise His Name on earth so that you may praise His Name in heaven eternally. Praise the Lord!

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