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Psalm 114

June 5, 2009

This Psalm reads differently. It is not like the others. It tells of God’s works and the wonders of Israel’s exodus from Egypt in a matter of fact, straight forward, and non-emotional way. It evidently was written after Solomon’s reign when Israel became the northern kingdom and Judah was the southern kingdom. Judah was God’s sanctuary. God’s temple, His dwelling place, was in Jerusalem which was in Judah. Jerusalem is centrally located in all of Israel and where God intended all of Israel to come and worship during the special feast days. Although the nation was divided, all the people of Israel were still considered to be chosen by God as His people. God’s will was that all the twelve tribes would continue to worship Him. After all, God freed them from Egypt’s bondage, gave them a passage of dry land through the Red Sea, stopped-up the Jordan River so they could enter the Promised Land, and led them through the desert and around the mountains. They are where they are because of God.

The heart of this psalm is found in verse 7. We are to “tremble at the presence of the Lord”. God is the one who sustained them with water during the exodus. We are to fear the Lord and stand in awe before Him for His power is great. The Lord God rules over the nations and nature. The Lord God rules over His people.

God humbled Himself because His love is so great. He became a man, Jesus, who was without sin, who died on a cross for our sin, who rose from the dead victorious over death, and who sits at the right hand of the Father. His presence is with all who believe in Him through the Holy Spirit living in our hearts. We who believe are in His Presence and He fills us with living water, the very mind and spirit of Christ Jesus. Tremble in His Presence. Bow down and worship God.

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