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Psalm 117

June 5, 2009

There are several “short” psalms in the psalms of ascents [120-134] but this is the shortest psalm. We can ask “why” is this psalm even given space in His Word? Perhaps because simpler is better and because justification and examples to illustrate the Truth are not required.

The truth is that all nations are to praise the Lord. We are to praise God because His love is so great and His faithfulness is eternal. The simple truth is that we are to praise God because He is loving and faithful. Our praise is not just words but words of honor, words of adoration, and words that testify of God’s love and faithfulness. We are to praise God personally and publicly.

Review your life. Note the times God’s love and faithfulness became evident to you personally. God’s love and faithfulness is constant and eternal but I believe each of us who believe in Him as Lord and Savior have had very special circumstances come into our lives which are benchmarks and/or reminders that God is love and that God is faithful. Remember these times so that you will not succumb to error. Praise God for revealing His love and faithfulness to you. Praise God in private and praise God in public. Praise God!

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