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Psalm 135

June 5, 2009

This psalm calls on all the Levites serving in the Temple to “Praise the Lord!” The cll to praise God centers on verse three which declares the Lord is good. The goodness of the Lord is defined and illustrated as follows:

  1. The Lord chose Israel as His treasured possession. [vs. 4]
  2. The Lord is greater and mightier than any other gods. [vs. 5]
  3. The Lord is sovereign over nature. [vs. 6-7]
  4. The Lord removed Israel from Egypt and restored her in their Promised Land. [vs. 8-12]
  5. The Lord is eternal. [vs. 13]
  6. The Lord defends and justifies His people showing compassion and bestowing mercy on those who love and serve Him. [vs. 14]
  7. The Lord destroys those who practice idolatry. [vs. 15-18]

The psalm closes with a call to “Praise the Lord”. This exhortation is specifically for the Levites but is also a call for all those who have dedicated themselves to serve the Lord.

When considering what the Lord has done and who He is, we have no excuse for not serving Him and praising His Name. The Lord is God Almighty and Creator of all. The Lord has every right to reject those who reject Him. The Lord has every right to love those He chooses. He chose Israel to be His people and to be His servants proclaiming He is Lord. He has chosen us who have placed our faith in Him, Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who died for our sin that we might have life and live with Him forever. God is righteous, just, holy, loving, and full of compassion and mercy. Praise His Holy Name!

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