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Psalm 138

June 5, 2009

This psalm, attributed to David, praises God for all His accomplishments. The psalmist asks for nothing except that God be praised. First the psalmist commits to praising God with his whole heart. He praises God even when confronted with idols. He praises God by bowing toward God’s tabernacle [the Temple has not been built if David is the true author].He praises God for His love and faithfulness. God’s love and faithfulness is evident because God has always answered David when he called. God is the foundation of his character of boldness and steadfastness. David’s one request is that all other kings might know the Lord and praise Him too. What the Lord has done through David and Israel is a witness of God’s love and faithfulness. The Lord loves the humble and hates the proud. He draws close to the humble and removes Himself from the proud. The Lord protects the humble and fulfills His purpose through them. David closes by acknowledging God’s love endures forever and asks God to continue using him and Israel for His glory.

God’s greatest and most dominant characteristics are His love and faithfulness. And these characteristics are most readily seen and observed by the humble, not the proud. So let us put aside our pride and humble ourselves before God enabling Him to fulfill the purpose for which we have been created, to glorify God and praise His Holy Name. Let us be bold and consistent in praising God for His abundant and eternal love. There is no higher calling for our lives.

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