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Psalm 140

June 5, 2009

This is another psalm of David where he asks to be delivered from evil and wicked men. There are three distinct stanzas which feed into a fourth stanza plus two concluding verses. One could outline this psalm as follows:

  1. Rescue Me. [vs. 1-3]
  2. Protect Me [vs. 4-5]
  3. Lord, You are My God [vs. 6-8]
  4. Destroy the Wicked [vs. 9-11]
  5. Bless the Humble and Righteous [vs. 12-13]

The psalmist wishes to be rescued from those who are violent, who want war, and who practice deceit for the purpose of destroying David’s throne. Once he is rescued, David asks for the Lord’s continued protection from these people. David acknowledges the Lord as his God and his deliverer. Only God is able to hear his request and answer it with mercy for His servant David. God is sovereign over him and his enemies. Not only does David request to be rescued and protected, but he also asks God to destroy these enemies and make sure such people do not rise again [vs. 10]. He acknowledges God’s care for the poor and the needy, those who humble themselves before God and depend on Him. These people are righteous, praise the Name of God, and will receive eternal life. This psalm is a prayer about hating evil and loving God. It is the prayer of a righteous servant who, in the eyes of God, is poor and needy. He asks the sovereign Lord God to sustain him forever.

We may consider our lives as “tough”, “hard”, frustrating, unrewarding, unsatisfactory, difficult, and lacking in contentment and joy. But remember God cares for and about we who express our needs and humble ourselves before God and call upon Him. God is sovereign and He rescues us and protects us from evil and the Evil One. Only God is able to forgive our sin and count us as righteous. His mercy is available to all who proclaim His Name. God grants life to all who call upon Him, who depend on Him, and who worship Him. God hears us when we call. God answers our every need. Praise be to God, our Lord and Savior. God is the one who rescues us, redeems us, restores us, and resurrects us unto eternal life with Him.

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