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Psalm 141

June 5, 2009

This psalm of David is a prayer having a sense of urgency. To use a couple of phrases common in today’s culture we would say “things are going south quickly” or “things are going to hell in a hand-basket”. David senses trouble and is in trouble. This request is urgent and it is special, like the evening sacrifice. David’s request is that he not be drawn in to fight evil with evil. He wants to combat evil on a higher plane, God’s plane. In fact, he asks God to send him righteous people to guide him and even discipline him if he slips and begins challenging evil with evil. David prays that those who practice evil will be destroyed. David reminds God that his eyes are fixed on Him. God will keep him from evil. He, God, will judge the wicked while David will be saved because he desires to follow God’s Will.

Many times during our lifetime we will have occasion to call on God quickly and with a sense of urgency. Life may not be going as smoothly as we wish. God is the answer. He hears us and will lead us. We are to have the same attitude as David and not fall into the trap of fighting evil with evil. We are to fight evil with love [Rom. 12]. We are to fight evil according to God’s Will. God is sovereign over good and evil. Depend on God for wisdom, for direction, for help, and for protection. He, God, has the power to rescue us and to redeem us if we just depend on Him. When life is tough, remember this prayer of David’s and do likewise.

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