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Psalm 142

June 5, 2009

This psalm of David is said to have been written while in a cave hiding form Saul’s army who was pursuing him to kill him. David cries to the Lord out loud for mercy. Hiding from Saul in the hills of Judea was not what he expected. David was free as a shepherd and free to take on Goliath. Now that Samuel has anointed him king to replace Saul, he is a prisoner hiding in a cave. David is frustrated, he questions, and he is depressed. He was once a hero but now he is hiding. People are trying to trap him and kill him. Nobody seems to care. His temporary refuge is a cave but his real refuge is in the Lord [vs. 5]. Life’s circumstances give him every reason not to trust in God but David’s faith is strong and he trusts God to rescue him and to free him from these Judean hills and his enemies to praise God. He looks forward to the day when righteousness will reign and people will remember that God was good to David. It was God that enabled him to slay Goliath. It was God who sustained him with food, water, and protection in the Judean hills. It was God who rescued him and placed him on the throne of Israel. It is God who deserves all the praise and glory.

When life is at its darkest, when your spirit is low, when your hope is dim, and when depression sets in. cry out loud to the Lord for mercy. Let Him know your troubles even though He already knows them. Acknowledge your complete dependence on God, who is sovereign over all things. The light of hope brightens the more one praises God. He is Lord. Let others rejoice in the Lord’s goodness toward you. Let everyone praise His Name.

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