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Psalm 143

June 5, 2009

Here is yet another psalm written by David asking for mercy from God and from his enemies plus direction in his life. In asking for mercy, David acknowledges God’s faithfulness and righteousness. He asks for God’s mercy and a reprieve from God’s judgment. As a servant of God, David needs relief on man’s front in order to accomplish God’s will. David is tired and stressed from constantly having to fight his enemies. David refers to dwelling in darkness so perhaps this psalm reflects living and moving from cave to cave at night because of Saul’s pursuit to kill him. David pauses to remember God’s works; works in the life of Israel and works in his own life. He remembers God’s goodness and blessings including God’s presence so he holds out his hands trusting God will continue to sustain him, continue to be with him, and not leave him wanting or abandoning him. David wants a quick answer. This is written at night and he needs an answer by morning. He needs to know what to do come morning; what to say and where to go. David prefers to leave the hills and walk on level ground for a change. He wants to hide in God and to discontinue hiding from his enemies. He wants to be led by God, by His Spirit. David wants to live free of worry and to live in God’s love and righteousness. David asks that his enemies be destroyed so that he might be free to be God’s servant.

Sin and wickedness from within or from without can quickly put a person in a dark and lonely pit. There is but one solution and that is to cry out to the Lord for mercy and ask His direction. God answers those prayers. It helps to remember how God has blessed us in the past because it gives us assurance for tomorrow. We may be hurting in the present but God loves those who commit to serve Him and will grant them mercy in the future. Many a time I prayed such a prayer as David prayed at night and received an answer by morning which provided me with God’s guidance and direction toward resolving some problem at work. What a blessing it is to know that God cares and is willing to help. All we have to do is ask. Thank God for His presence in your life, for His love, for His mercy, and for the opportunity you have to serve Him this day. Go, praise His Holy Name before all men because God is faithful and righteous.

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