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Psalm 144

June 5, 2009

This psalm of David acknowledges God’s sovereignty and shows forth the close relationship between David and the Lord. My guess is that this psalm was written early in David’s reign as he learns one of his main purposes is to unite Israel and subdue the nations surrounding Israel. David grew up as a shepherd but realizes God has trained him and prepared him for war. God is his Rock, his fortress, his deliverer, and his shield. His victories are the result of a loving God. David is nothing, man is nothing, and their descendants are nothing. Their lives are short-lived whereas God is eternal. David may be leading Israel’s armies but God is the one doing battle. God is directly involved in routing their enemies and rescuing Israel. It is war because treaties don’t work with those who lie and practice deceit. It seems that David would rather continue with his music than be a warrior because he voluntarily writes songs and sings them to God. God has protected him in battle and he asks God to continue delivering him and rescuing him from Israel’s enemies. As long as God is fighting on their side and as long as Israel acknowledges God, Israel will be blessed with descendants, prosperity, and security. God will fulfill his promises to those whose God is the Lord, to those who obey Him [Lev. 26].

David was a gifted musician and a gifted warrior. Those gifts were given to him by God. David understood that and knows that what blessings come to him and to Israel are a result of God’s love. Faith, trust, dependence, and worship of the Lord God results in God’s blessing. God will fight for them, God will protect them, and God will bless them because God loves those who love Him. God’s love is unconditional but God’s blessings are conditional. God loves us. God has gifted us. So let’s let God lead us into battle against the wicked with the weapons He has given us and has trained us to use. God will go before us and win. In the heat of battle [our life on earth] God will protect us, rescue us, and bless us because we have obeyed Him, followed Him, and worshipped Him. The Lord is the only one true God, Creator of all things and sovereign over all things. Praise His Holy Name.

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