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Psalm 145

June 5, 2009

This psalm of David is one of the most complete in telling the character of God. David begins by praising God’s Name exalting Him as King. He promises to praise God every day forever. Verses 3-20 discuss the character of God as follows:

  1. The Lord is great. [vs. 3]
  2. The Lord is gracious and compassionate. [vs. 8]
  3. The Lord is good. [vs. 9]
  4. The Lord is faithful. [vs. 13]
  5. The Lord helps those who fall and lifts up the humble. [vs.14]
  6. The Lord is righteous and loving. [vs. 17]
  7. The Lord comes near those who call on Him. [vs.18]
  8. The Lord watches over those who love Him and destroys the wicked. [vs. 20]

God’s greatness is seen in His creation, in His chosen people, and in Israel’s redemption from Egypt. God’s power is remembered in the parting of the Red Sea and in providing food and water for their journey. None of these things is mentioned specifically but these are the things Israel remembers. God’s graciousness and compassion was very evident during the Exodus when He forgave Israel time and time again for their unfaithfulness and grumbling. All God’s creation, including His people, will praise Him and tell of His Kingdom which is eternal. God is faithful and keeps His promises. He picks us up when we fall [disobey] and lifts us up in humble worship of Him. He blesses us with food and satisfies all our desires. If we call on Him, He comes. He watches us and protects us because He loves us. All who honor Him will be saved. Those who refuse Him will be destroyed. There is no reason not to praise God for He is Holy.

This psalm begs the question “What do you want or what are you looking for?” Everything one could possible want or need is found in God and in His Character. He is all theses eight things and more. All God asks is that we acknowledge Him as God, trust Him, obey Him, worship Him, and praise His Name before others. He is The Almighty, the Creator God. He is sovereign over all His creation. He loves us and wants what’s best for us. He blesses, protects, and cares for those who love Him and praise His Name. He is eternal and those who love Him will inherit eternal life. There is no other person who is worthy of praise. So let’s praise His Name every day forever. Praise God, our Lord and King.

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