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Psalm 146

June 5, 2009

This psalm is similar to Psalm 145 and is the third psalm in a collection of “praise” psalms beginning with Psalm 144 and ending with Psalm 150. The psalmist praises God with his whole being and commits to praising God as long as he lives. He praises God because He is eternal. Men are mortal but God is immortal. Blessings come from God to all who hope in Him. God is the Creator. He is faithful. He cares for the oppressed and provides food. Those who are righteous and worship God are set free of sin and given spiritual sight. The Lord cares for both the Jew and the Greek, the fatherless and the widow. He is the God of all except those who refuse to acknowledge Him [that is the wicked]. The Lord reigns forever over all He has created. Praise God for He is just.

The theme is simple: Praise the Lord placing your trust and hope in Him. God’s faithfulness and justness is also mentioned. God cares for all His creation but discerns the righteous versus the wicked. The righteous receive life. The wicked are destroyed. Praise the Lord and praise Him with consistency. Praise Him every day. Thank Him for all His blessings. Humble yourself before His throne and call Him Lord. That is the right way to live.

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