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Psalm 148

June 5, 2009

Continuing with what I call “praise psalms”, Psalm 148 is written in two sections. Verses 1-6 exhort all things above the earth and in the heavens to praise God. Verses 7-13 exhort all things on earth to praise God. Verse 14 stands alone referencing a “horn”; a king, the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, our Creator and Savior, the Lord whom we are to praise. All creation is to praise God. This includes all angels, the elders referenced in Revelation, cherubim, seraphim, all heavenly bodies, the universe itself, and even the waters. All has been created by Him and for Him. All the earth is to praise God. This includes the sea creatures, the land creatures, all nature, rulers, nations, and men and women of all ages. Everything created, matter or being, is to praise God. Every molecule and atom praises God. The Lord God created them all and is above them all. His creation shows forth God’s splendor, God’s power, and God’s sovereignty. God’s creation shows forth His love. We who are His people, who believe in God, and who place our faith in Him, are His saints who praise God.

There is not another psalm written that describes the majesty of God as well as this psalm. Our purpose is clear. We have been created to praise God. God is infinitely greater than man in power, in knowledge, in wisdom, in righteousness, in justice, in mercy, in compassion, and in love. God is worthy of our praise. God is worthy of our worship. One day all creation will sing the same song of praise to Him. One day God’s saints will be separated like sheep from goats and enter heaven to live with God forever. Place your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ now. RSVP now for your place in the banquet hall of heaven.

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