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Homeletics Worksheet

June 18, 2009

The Homiletics Work Sheet (download here) is one I received in BSF [Bible Study Fellowship] from the St. Paul, Minnesota evening men’s class. It was developed for use by their leaders to aid in their study of BSF’s Lessons. Once one gets used to using it, you find Bible Study becomes very easy to do. There are other excellent books available but none so simple to apply as this single sheet. I found it adaptable from 3 verses to 3 Chapters. When using it as my preparation to teach, I could easily prepare a 1 hour lesson in 2-3 hours. Below are the recommended steps and instructions for its’ use.

  1. Before doing anything, read the portion of Scripture you have decided to study. Write that Scripture in the space called Passage.
  2. Go to the Detailed Account area and summarize, in your own words, what the Scripture says. Read 1-10 verses depending on the size of the Scripture passage and the subject matter. It is best to have at least 6 summarized statements in the Detailed Account.
  3. Next divide your Detailed Account into 2-6 Main Divisions, writing a Division Title and noting the associated verses.
  4. Considering the whole passage, your Detailed Account and your Divisions, write a Subject Title or Sentence. Keep it short, less than 10 words.
  5. Again, considering the overall passage, determine the key point or application you want to emphasize [Aim] to Christians and to non-Christians.
  6. Now consider other Applications in the Application column. Do this by Division. Ask yourself open-ended questions that have multiple answers. Then reword your questions and answers such that they becomes principles, directives, and/or a challenges. Think in practical terms of how one would apply these principles, directives, and/or challenges.
  7. Noting your themes, search for or think of examples to illustrate your Applications.
  8. Meditate on what you have studied, learned, and written before finalizing your lesson plan.

I guarantee you will be blessed using this simple approach to Bible Study.


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