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2: The Creation of Man and His Blessings

June 19, 2009

Text:                Genesis 2:4-24

Key Verse:      Genesis 2:7

Outline:      I.     Water Comes from Within the Earth                              Gen. 2:4-6

II.   Man Comes from the Dust of the Earth                          Gen. 2:7

III.  Food Comes from the Garden                                        Gen. 2:8-14

IV.  Man is Placed in the Garden                                           Gen. 2:15-20

V.   Woman Comes from Man                                                Gen. 2:21-24


This portion of scripture provides us with more details and greater insight into the creation of man.  However, verses 4-6 begin by giving us insight on how God nourishes His earth with water.  All this changed when The Flood came but now rain is unnatural.  Water flows from within the earth’s crust [an underground sprinkler system according to Genesis 7:11 and 8:2] to aid the growth of vegetation and food.

God created man from the dust of the earth, existing matter, and gives him the breadth of life.  Man is special, becoming a living and intelligent being.  Man is placed in God’s Garden where food is readily available.  All the fruit in God’s Garden is acceptable to eat except for two special trees, The Tree of Life and The Tree of Good and Evil Knowledge.  Eating from The Tree of Good and Evil Knowledge would cause death, a physical and spiritual unknown at this time.

God’s Garden is large, watered by four rivers and also containing minerals, including gold.  Man [Adam] was instructed to care for The Garden.  He was its’ caretaker and it, in turn, would care for him with food.  Adam is also given the responsibility for naming all the living creatures created by God.  This is a huge responsibility so God decides to create woman from man to be his helper and wife.

Man is created, placed in God’s paradise, given responsibility and purpose, and given woman as a wife.  Fellowship was abundant and intimate between God and His special creation of man and woman.  All is well until Genesis 3.


  1. Living water is critical to life, both spiritual life and physical life.  [see John 4]
  2. Man is created in the image of a heavenly God to live on earth.
  3. God provides for our well being, both spiritually and physically, with certain specific limitations/boundaries.
  4. God provides man with intellect and purpose to give contentment and satisfaction.  Man is driven to accomplish and complete his tasks just as God is driven to accomplish and complete His tasks.
  5. Man and woman are created to help and to share with one another.

God has a plan for His Creation, controlling all the details of His Plan.


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