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4. Adam’s Lineage Through Cain

June 22, 2009

Text: Genesis 4:1-24

Key Verses: Genesis 4:3-7

Outline:     I. Cain is Angry with His Brother   Gen. 4:1-8

II. Cain is Angry With God   Gen. 4:9-16

III. Cain’s Anger Passes Through Five Generations   Gen. 4:17-24


Adam and Eve have two sons, first Cain and then Abel. They have different personalities and interests like the children in most families. Cain tills the soil and Abel raises animals. Although we don’t know the worship practices of that time, it is implied that God was to be worshipped with offerings originating from the work of their hands. God made clothing for Adam and Eve after their sin implying that He instituted blood sacrifices for the forgiveness of sin [see Hebrew 9:22]. Cain offers his grain and Abel offers his best animals as an offering to God. God accepts Abel’s offering but rejects Cain’s’ offering. God’s acceptance is not a function of the type of offering but of the heart. Abel gave his best to God and Cain did not. Abel cared and Cain did not. Abel honored God with his heart and Cain did not. God actually seems to give Cain a chance to do right [grace] so sin doesn’t establish a foothold in his heart [vs. 6-7]. But Cain blames Abel. He holds Abel, not himself, as responsible for God’s disfavor. Therefore, he proceeds to kill Abel for making him look bad in God’s eyes. Cain refuses to accept responsibility for his actions and his attitude.

God confronts Cain about his brother but Cain remains defiant, refusing to confess his sin. God punishes Cain by removing him from farming to become a nomad. He leaves his farm house for a tent. His position and respect among others is greatly reduced. Cain’s anger gets the best of him and he holds contempt toward God and considers God’s punishment as unjust.

Cain becomes a nomad, fathers Enoch [not the Enoch who walked with God], and builds a city in honor of his offspring. Five generations are between Cain and Lamech. Lamech has the same personality as Cain. He has two wives. One wife has two sons, one who raises livestock and one who becomes a musician. The other wife has a son who works with metal and a daughter. Lamech admits to killing a man for causing injury to him. Like Cain, he show no remorse for his actions. Disrespect for God, anger, and murder are prevalent in Cain’s lineage.


1. It’s not the kind of offering that is rejected but the attitude in which it is given that displeases God. God requires our best, not our leftovers or castoffs. We acknowledge God in worship with our “choice” offerings. We are to give generously and not from a selfish heart.

2. Refusing to confess our wrong attitudes, our sin, opens the door for further sinful behavior. Confession is necessary to change our hearts from sinful behavior to righteous behavior, from being rejected by God to being accepted by God.

3. Refusing to accept responsibility for our actions increases the distance between God and us and between others and us. Relationships are destroyed, not built, on excuses.

4. Even though we continue to sin, God continues to offer us His love and grace.

5. God does not remove our giftedness because we have sinned but that does not mean He has forgiven us.

6. Confession of sin is important and required by God. But confession must be accompanied with remorse. Lamech’s confession was to justify his behavior, not to acknowledge a wrong and vengeful behavior.

7. The attitudes we express and exhibit as adults does influence future generations. Therefore, we must assure ourselves that what we say and do is in accordance with God’s will and not our own will.


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