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5. Adam’s Lineage Through Seth—A Difference

June 22, 2009

Text: Genesis 4:25-5:32

Key Verse: Genesis 5:24

Outline:   I. Generations 1-6; Calling Upon God       Gen. 4:25-5:20

II. Generation 7; Walking With God        Gen. 5:21-24

III. Generations 8-10; Bringing Comfort and Rest      Gen. 5:25-32


God is good and He gives Adam and Eve another son to replace their son Abel who was killed by Cain. Chapter 5 stands in stark contrast to Chapter 4. Cain’s descendants continue to ignore God. At the time Seth is a father, men begin to call on the name of the Lord. Seth continues the line of Abel, spiritually as well as physically. God created man in His image. Seth was created in the image of Adam just as our children are created in our image. In Chapter 4 we have the lineage of evil. In Chapter 5 we have the lineage of good. These two lineages are parallel but follow a different path ending differently as we see in Chapter 7.

Note the number of years before childbirth and until death. These are very large numbers compared to today. Some question as to whether we should take these literally. However, there is no good reason not to do so. We have no evidence they are not correct. Perhaps they represent family lines or are the ten most significant but I believe we should take them literally because after the flood up to Moses time the numbers change significantly just as the earth changed significantly following the flood. Assuming they are indeed true as written, we have 1426 years from Seth to Shem or 1556 years from Adam to Shem. Chapter 5 covers a lot of time.

Enoch is the central figure, not because he is the father of Methuselah who lived 969 years, but because he walked with God and was translated by God from earth to heaven. He did not die as other men did but went to live with God at the young age of 365 years. Enoch is the first example that God grants eternal life to those who follow Him and place their faith in His Name.

Noah comes on the scene in verses 25-32. He too has a special task or purpose and that is to provide comfort to those who labored for food because of God’s curse upon the soil. Noah’s name means “rest” and he will be saved from the penalty of sin and death, saved from the curse of sin resulting in labor and death.


1. There is good and evil. Lineage is an important tool in determining your dependence on God; a true blessing. But the flood [judgment] came so we see lineage doesn’t save.

2. Those who walk with God need not fear death. [Note these many references: II kings 2:11-12; Job 14:14; John 3:16,5:19-28, 8:51, 11:25-26; Rom. 5:12-14;I Cor. 15:21-23,55; Heb. 11:5-7,13.] Those who walk with God have eternal life. We are translated before death. We do not perish but have eternal life. We have victory over death as Christ was victorious. We will be with Him in paradise.

3. We who call upon God and walk with Him are transformed in this world in order to be translated into His World. Our salvation is based on a relationship with God where His Spirit rules over our flesh [Seth]. For those who refuse to believe, their flesh rules over their spirit and they believe salvation is based upon works [Cain].

4. Calling on God, walking with God, and giving comfort to others are key characteristics of a Godly life.

5. Walking with God [a strong faith like Noah] guarantees one will have a significant responsibility in furthering His Kingdom.

Therefore, we are challenged to BE DIFFERENT. We are to:

Walk with God;

Warn Others of pending judgments [see Jude 14];

Warm hearts [bringing comfort, hope, rest, and encouragement];

….Thereby influencing the culture in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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