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3. The Fall of Man and It’s Consequences

June 22, 2009

Text: Genesis 3:1-24

Key Verse: Genesis 3:15

Outline:     I. Deception, Deceit, and Disobedience    Gen. 3:1-6

II. Intimacy Dissolved and Responsibility Shunned Gen.    3:7-13

III. A Promise is Given Among the Consequences Delivered Gen.   3:14-24


Satan has been tossed out of heaven [see Is. 14:12-17; Luke 10:18] and has entered the serpent to tempt man [Eve]. Satan [serpent] is crafty and questions God’s instructions concerning what and what not to eat. Eve repeats God’s original instruction including its’ consequence if not obeyed and Satan immediately challenges the consequence and God’s reasoning. Satan says eating the fruit from The Tree of Good and Evil will be a blessing and not a curse [lie]. In fact, man will become even more like God according to Satan [Satan is recruiting per Is. 14]. Eve believes Satan’s deceptive reasoning instead of the Creator God’s instructions, takes and eats the fruit, and gives it to Adam. Adam doesn’t ask any questions but takes the fruit and eats it.

Things change immediately upon eating the forbidden fruit. Innocence is replaced with the knowledge of good and evil. They disobeyed, became evil, and seek to hide from a good and holy God. They even make clothes from fig leaves to blend into their surroundings. God senses something is wrong and comes looking for them.

God confronts their disobedience and we hear a very human reaction. Adam and Eve refuse to take responsibility for their behavior. Each “pass the buck”. In God’s justice system, all involved are guilty. As a result, God curses the serpent and instead of being valued among the creatures, the serpent becomes the lowest of creatures.

Before proceeding with the punishment of man, God gives us a glimpse of future life on earth. There will be continuous war between good and evil, the righteous and the wicked. Evil will win some battles but good [God] will win the war. God is raising a seed, His Son, to conquer evil and, therefore, declares His Sovereignty over evil.

God punishes woman [Eve] with pain in childbirth and she becomes subject to her husband. In other words, she is under the authority of her husband but this does not mean is is acceptable for the husband to practice tyranny over his wife [see Eph. 5]. Man [Adam] is now required to work to produce food. He no longer has “easy pickin’s”. And God confirms His original consequence attached to His instruction; man [and woman] are now mortal and subject to death. Therefore, they are expelled from God’s Garden [paradise] so they don’t eat fruit from the Tree of Life and reverse what God has decreed. God is protecting the Sovereignty of His Will.


1. What instructions from God are you questioning as true? God’s Word is absolute truth. Questioning it and disobeying it only leads to trouble, loss of fellowship with God and others, and punishment, including death [spiritual].

2. Disobedience to God’s instructions drives one further away from God, not closer to God or closer in likeness to Him. Trust God over your intellect and logic. If you sense God is not near, guess who moved.

3. When challenged concerning your actions, what’s your first response? Do you take responsibility for your misbehavior/disobedience or do you pass the blame on to others? Take responsibility for your actions and confess your wrongdoing to God , seeking His forgiveness.

4. God, the Creator God, is the final victor. The disobedient, the wicked, those who ignore God’s Law may win some battles but God wins the war between good and evil, light and darkness, the righteous and the unrighteous, the holy and the unholy, the faithful and the unfaithful.

5. Sin and disobedience changed God’s original creation. It also changes our own relationship with Him. The serpent became the lowest, least valued creature. We lose value to God when we sin and disobey Him too. Women bear pain in childbirth as a continued reminder of their original misstep and man is to rule over them. Man must now work to sustain life [their reminder]. Immortality has changed to mortality. We now need a Savior more than ever .

6. Fellowship with God is possible but it happens on God’s terms. Paradise [Eden] is off limits. Eternal life in heaven is off limits unless we repent of our sin, take responsibility for it, and place our faith in His Promise, Jesus Christ, who died for our sin that we might have LIFE again.


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