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17. God Has a Wife for Isaac

June 23, 2009

Text:   Genesis 24:1-66

Key Verses:   Genesis 24:26-27

Outline:             I. Abraham Sends      Gen. 24:1-21

II. Rebekah Accepts      Gen. 24:22-61

III. Isaac Receives      Gen. 24:62-66


Abraham is old and Isaac is not young. Abraham has been blessed in every way. He calls his servant and asks him to go find a wife for Isaac from among his relatives in Ur because the Canaanites are unacceptable. The servant is not to take Isaac. He is not to leave their land and be tempted to stay. If the woman chosen refuses to come back with the servant, the servant is released from his oath.

The servant leaves with camels loaded with food for the journey and gifts for the bride and her family. The servant arrives at Nahor, the town of Abraham’s brother, stations himself by the well, prays to God for success, defines the criteria of genuine hospitality for choosing the right woman, and waits. God answers the servant’s prayer before he is finished praying. Rebekah, the granddaughter of Abraham’s brother, comes to the well and miraculously fulfills all of the requirements of hospitality. The servant gives gifts to Rebekah and asks her lineage, learning she is from the right family. Then he proceeds to bow down and worship the Lord because He has led him to the right place and to the right family.

Rebekah runs home and tells about Abraham’s servant and their conversation. Laban, her brother, hears her story, sees her gifts, and runs to meet Abraham’s servant, calls him blessed, and escorts him to their home. The servant goes with Laban but refuses to eat until he tells his story in detail concerning who he represents and why he is there. He tells them of God’s leading throughout this mission and his desire to escort Rebekah to Canaan to be Isaac’s wife.

Laban and his father give Rebekah to Abrahams’ servant. The servant again bows in worship to the Lord and gives them the gifts he has brought. After staying the night, the servant is ready to leave but Laban and his mother want her to remain for 10 days [It seems they are holding out for more gifts]. The servant refuses and they all agree to ask Rebekah. Rebekah agrees to go. Upon leaving, her family blesses her, that her descendants will be many.

When they near Beersheba, Isaac sees them in the distance and approaches. Rebekah cover herself with a veil, goes into Isaac’s tent, and is married.

Mission Accomplished!


1. Trust in the Lord and He will lead you in the right decision and in the right direction. [see Proverbs 3:5-6]

2. In following God’s leading, continuously seek His wisdom and assurance through prayer and humble worship.

3. Don’t focus on what you can gain but focus on what God has planned for your life.

4. Don’t hold on tight to what God wants you to let go. Let go and let God.

5. Anticipate God’s blessings with open arms, letting Him be your comfort throughout life.

6. God has a plan for your present and your future. Look to God and trust Him to guide you today and tomorrow.


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