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18. Abraham’s Later Years

June 23, 2009

Text:    Genesis 25:1-19

Key Verse:    Genesis 25:5

Outline:               I. Abraham Remarries      Gen. 25:1-6

                               II. Abraham Dies      Gen. 25:7-11

                               III. Ishmael’s Blessing Realized      Gen. 25:12-19


 Abraham remarries after Sarah died and fathers six more sons. Their offspring generated many of the “ite” clans, the most notable being the Midianites.

 Isaac is the one and only heir of Abraham. His other sons received gifts during their lifetime but did not inherit his possessions or wealth. They were all sent away as was Ishmael. They were secondary to Isaac. God’s promise of blessing through s “seed” was to be through Isaac.

 Abraham lived 175 years and died. Ishmael and Isaac buried him beside Sarah in the cave he bought from Ephron the Hittite. Then Isaac returned to his home in Beersheba.

 Ishmael has 12 sons and lived 137 years or about 50 years after Abraham died. His descendents occupied much of what we know as Saudi Arabia. They did not get along with each other or with Ishmael and especially with Isaac.


     1. God’s blessings and inheritance are reserved for those who place their faith in God, who are considered His Children.

     2. As God’s children, we are in the world but not of the world. Purity is important and we must separate ourselves from worldly influence.

     3. Death can reveal the “best” in families as they gather to mourn. Use that opportunity to mend fences.

     4. God promised to bless Ishmael with many descendants. This short portion of scripture proves that God keeps His promises even to those who do not worship Him. God’s love is indeed unconditional.

     5. Heritage is important, but Godly heritage is the most important. A Godly heritage doesn’t guarantee one will be a child of God but it doesn’t hurt either. Be proud of your Godly heritage and use it to influence others.


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