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6. Noah and the Flood

June 23, 2009

Text: Genesis 6:1-8:22

Key Verse: Genesis 6:9

Outline:      I.    The Conditions on Earth             Gen. 6:1-8

                      II.  The Condition of Noah’s Heart      Gen. 6:9-22

                     III. The Conditions in the Ark                Gen. 7:1-10

                     IV. The Conditions on Earth Change        Gen. 7:11-8:19

                     V.   The Condition of Noah’s Heart Doesn’t Change        Gen. 8:20-22


     It is approximately 1700 years since Adam was created by God. The earth’s population has expanded rapidly as God intended. But not all is well. Cain’s daughters and Seth’s sons are intermarrying and there are giants roaming the earth. Man has become wicked, having evil thoughts continuously. God’s heart is sorrowful and He decides to start over by removing all men and animals. There are two interpretations of the “120 years”. One is that it is the time of grace before judgment falls on the earth and the other is that man’s lifespan is going to be reduced [note the change staring with Gen. 11]. Both interpretations are credible.

     I believe intermarriage between the descendents of Cain and Seth is the key issue and one of the main reasons for the rise and prevalence of wickedness in the earth. I believe the Nephilim represent the “meat eating” descendants of Cain [they became nomads and changed from raising grain to livestock] for they were much taller than the “vegetarian” people descended from Seth [they ate more fruits than meat]. Just consider the change in height of Asians since their diet has changed from rice to McDonalds.

     Noah was found to be righteous by God. He walked with God as did Enoch. God reveals His plan to rid the earth of wickedness and instructs Noah to build an Ark to house his family and a certain number of animals. God plans to save Noah because he is righteous.

     When the time comes for God to implement His plan, Noah is instructed to enter the Ark along with 7 pair of “clean” animals and 2 pair of “unclean” animals. Noah was now 600 years old and his sons were 100 years old. Conditions were crowded because they needed to have food for themselves and the animals for over one year. The waters came from below the earth and from above the earth for 40 days and lasted for 150 days. It took another 150 days for the flood waters to recede and at least another 54 days before Noah and the animals could exit the Ark safely.

     The earth goes through tremendous change geologically because of the enormous weight/force of the waters. Mountains formed that did not exist, the Grand Canyon is probably a direct result of the waters from below splitting the earth open, the earth’s axis changed so that the earth is no longer tropical but has polar caps, and the seas and land are rearranged. The earth’s atmosphere also changes such that the earth is now watered by rain instead of fountains from below the surface.

     Noah’s first act upon leaving the Ark is to build an altar, sacrifice some of the “clean” animals, and worship God, thanking Him for saving him. Before Moses and the Law, God had instituted blood sacrifices for the forgiveness of sin and worship of Him.


1. Intermarriage between those who love God and those who do not love God leads to the expansion of evil, not good, because man is by nature sinful. [See II Cor. 6:14]

2. God loves those who are righteous and promised to save them. God hates those who do evil and promised to destroy them. Even so, God judges in sorrow and love; sorrow for man and love of his creation. But He refuses to let wickedness reign.

3. The righteous find favor with God and obey His instructions even though they don’t make sense at the time. God knows the future. Believe Him. Trust Him.

4. God’s salvation is sure but it requires we trust Him and exercise patience.

5. The earth is purged of its’ wickedness but undergoes significant change. The same is true for man. When God purges us of our sin, we too undergo a significant change in our hearts.

6. The first and only proper response for our Salvation is always to thank God and worship Him. Do it often.


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