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7. God Makes a Covenant with Noah

June 23, 2009

Text: Genesis 9:1-17

Key Verses: Genesis 9: 12-13

Outline:         I. God’s Blessings and Instruction          Gen. 9:1-7

                         II. God’s Everlasting Covenant                Gen. 9:8-17


     Upon worshipping God, God proceeds to bless Noah and his sons with offspring. God gives Noah the same instructions he originally gave to Adam. They are to rehabitate the earth. Noah and his family are to rule over all living creatures. Also, everything that lives and moves is acceptable to eat. Man no longer is a vegetarian. There is one exception. They are not to eat anything with blood still in it. Animals are to be slaughtered properly and the meat cooked.

     In addition, God is holding man accountable for killing another man and He is holding animals accountable for any lives they take [I assume this to be human life and not animal life].

     God continues by establishing His Covenant with Noah and all living creatures, including their descendants. God promises never to destroy man and animals again by initiating a flood over all the earth. He confirms His Covenant by placing a rainbow in the sky as a reminder to Himself and to all the living creatures on the earth. This is an everlasting covenant.


1. Children are God’s precious blessing to parents. But with blessing comes responsibility. We must raise and instruct these blessings [children] to also acknowledge and worship God plus we must exercise stewardship over all God’s blessings, all His provisions present in His creation.

2. We are appointed by God to manage His creation for good, providing food for an expanding population. This requires us to have an understanding of ecology, conservation, and reproduction associated with all the species, plants and animals.

3. Murder of man is unacceptable to God, the creator of man.

4. God promises to never destroy the earth with a flood again. The rainbow reminds God and all creatures of this Promise. God has kept His promise for 4500 years and will continue to do so until the end of time.

Truly, God’s Blessings come to those who Worship Him!

Worship God with all your Heart.

It is your reasonable and loving service to the Lord God Almighty.



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