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28. God’s Family Reunited and Saved

June 25, 2009

Text:   Genesis 45:1-47:31

Key Verses:   Genesis 45:4-8

Outline:                I. Joseph, Reunited with His Brothers      Gen. 45:1-28

II. Joseph, Reunited with His Father      Gen. 46:1-47:12

III. Joseph, Reunited with His Work      Gen. 47:13-31


With all his brothers back in his house, Joseph finally loses control, sends his servants out of the room, and reveals himself to his brothers. Joseph cries so loud that his servants talk and Pharaoh’s house even knows what has happened. Joseph asks again about his father Jacob but the brothers can’t answer because they are terrified. Joseph removes their terror by forgiving them for what they did to him. Joseph explains how God’s hand was in all of this so that they would be saved from the famine and so that God’s Promise of a nation would come true.

Joseph sends his brothers home to get their father and bring him and all their possessions back to live in Goshen because there will be five more years of famine. After their shock, they visited with one another [fellowship]. When word reaches Pharaoh, he confirms all that Joseph told his brothers. Pharaoh and Joseph are united in spirit. Joseph gives his brothers provisions and carts to make their journey easier and with which to gather all their possessions for their return. When they get home, Jacob is stunned by the information that Joseph is alive but he believes what they said is true.

Jacob and his family travel to Egypt. On the way they stop at Beersheba, the home of Jacob’s father Isaac, and worship. While worshipping, God speaks to Jacob telling him not to fear leaving Canaan and go to Egypt [Isaac was directed by God not to go to Egypt but stay in this area]. God’s Promise is alive and well. God promises to bring them back. So Jacob and his family continue to travel to Egypt. They number 66 people in all, not counting the son’s wives.

Judah is sent on ahead to get directions to Goshen, their designated new home. Joseph meets them and there he meets his father, Jacob. Joseph instructs them in how to answer Pharaoh so that they remain together. Egyptians do not like to associate with shepherds.

Joseph presents his family to Pharaoh. Jacob is older than Pharaoh and takes the opportunity to bless him for his kindness. The family is given food in payment for taking care of Pharaoh’s livestock.

The famine takes its toll. The people have spent all their money on food so Joseph begins collecting livestock in exchange for grain. The next year the people offer their land and their freedom for food in order to survive. Eventually they are given seed to grow crops but their harvest is taxed 20%. The price is high but they survive.

The Israelites prospered and grew in number while living in Goshen. Jacob makes Joseph swear that when he dies, he will be buried in Canaan.


Without going into a lot of detail, consider the following Pictures:

• Joseph, a Picture of Christ. He forgave his brothers of their sin against him.

• Pharaoh, a Picture of God the Father. He and Joseph were unified in thought, word, and deed.

• Provisions, a Picture of Christ’s blessings. We are given riches in Christ Jesus [Eph. 1]

• Goshen, a picture of separation. We are “in the world but not of the world”.

• Pharaoh’s livestock, a Picture of Ministry to others. We are His servants.

• Bartering and Taxation, a Picture of becoming a living sacrifice. They gave their life to live.

• Israel prospers in Goshen, a Picture of sanctified people, a victorious people. Israel became what God promised.

We could go into much detail but just take the time to consider what has happened in this story. Look for God working in this time of history and consider God working in your life. Don’t forget to thank Him and worship Him with thanksgiving and praise as did Jacob.

Finally, consider the words I have put in italics. Note the pictures:

Reveals himself: Christ reveals himself to each of us.

Terrified: We too are terrified of our sin when standing before His throne.

Forgiving them: Christ died for our sin and forgives all who believe in Him.

Be Saved: Jesus Christ is the only name by which we can be saved.

Promise: Our salvation is by grace through faith.

Fellowship: Christ and His Holy Spirit indwells all who believe in Him.

United in Spirit: We are one body in Christ Jesus.

               Provisions: God will supply all our needs. We cast our cares upon Him.


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