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1. Moses Survives Egyptian Oppression

June 26, 2009

Text:   Exodus 1:1-2:24

Key Verse:   Exodus 1:17

Outline:               I. Israel; Growing and Oppressed      Ex. 1:1-22

                               II. Moses; Miraculously Adopted      Ex. 2:1-10

                               III. Moses Hides      Ex. 2:11-25

Context/ Discussion/ Comments:

     When Jacob went to Egypt to get away from the famine, his family totaled 70 including Joseph. That generation all died but the family grew very large and filled the land of Goshen. A new Pharaoh comes to power and is concerned with this large group of foreigners living in his country so he make them slaves to keep them in control and prevent them from fighting against Egypt. But the Israelites grew even greater in number under Pharaoh’s oppression so he instructs the midwives to begin killing all the Hebrew boys at birth. These midwives feared God and refused to follow Pharaoh’s orders. As a result, more children were born to the Israelites and Pharaoh decrees that all boys born be thrown into the Nile and killed.

     A boy is born into a Levite family, hid for three months, and then put in a basket floating in the Nile River where Pharaoh’s daughter comes to bathe. She sees the basket, opens it, and has compassion on the little boy. The babies sister approaches her and volunteers to find a woman to care for the baby, the baby’s mother. So the babies’ mother is able to raise her own son in the house of Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s daughter named the baby Moses.

     Moses grows up with a heart for his people, Israel. He even goes so far as to kill an Egyptian who was beating an Israelite. Later Moses tries to stop two Israelites from fighting and learns that it is known that he killed an Egyptian. Therefore, Moses is forced to flee for his life to Midian. There he intercedes on behalf of 7 young women who have come to water their flocks. Shepherds appear at the well and they want to shove the women aside and water their flocks first. Moses hurries and waters the flocks for the young women. The daughters arrive home early [waiting was a common occurrence] and explain Moses’ act of kindness to their father. Moses is invited to stay with them, marries one of the daughters [Zipporah], and lives as a foreigner in Midian.

     During Moses’ absence from Egypt, Pharaoh increases his oppression of the Israelites such that God becomes concerned with their ability to survive.

     I can’t help but think of our own countries’ debate between the pro-life and pro-choice camps. One claims the unborn are needlessly being oppressed and the other says the rights of the mother are being oppressed. But God is the one really being oppressed because children are a blessing from God.


     1. Changes in government can bring oppression and persecution against we who have been chosen as God’s people, we who are called Christian. It is important for us as Christians to have people in government and in influential positions who can articulate for what is right and against what is wrong. If you are so gifted, answer the call.

     2. When oppression comes your way, resist evil directives and continue to do what is right[eous]. Your life will not be easy but God will protect you and bless you.

     3. God resists evil by blessing those who do right. Bad behavior, evil and wicked behavior, does not go unchallenged by God.

     4. God intervenes in the lives of the righteous. Support pro-life organizations and foster/adoption agencies dedicated to providing homes for the unwanted. Make mental note of leaders who have risen out of these homes.

     5. Compassion is good but being over-zealous can lead to trouble. Our compassion for the rights of man should not give way to uncontrolled over-zealous behavior resulting in loss of respect by others. Be strong and persevere but do not disobey laws.

     6. Standing up for those shunned in our culture will gain you respect. A compassionate heart is loved and respected by all. Jump in when opportunities arise.

     7. God uses people of compassion to overcome oppression. Seek to have a compassionate heart with the help of the Holy Spirit living in you.


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