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12. God’s Covenant Confirmed

June 26, 2009

Text:   Exodus 23:20-24:11

Key Verses:   Exodus 23:24-26

Outline:              I. God Confirms His Plan      Ex. 23:20-23

II. Moses Confirms Israel’s Obedience      Ex. 24:1-8

III. Moses and Israel’s Elders See God      Ex. 24:9-11


God is sending His “special” angel ahead of Israel to guard them on their way to the Promised Land. They are to obey the angel’s instructions and not go against anything he says if they want assurance of a safe arrival in Canaan. When they get to Canaan, all the tribes are going to be wiped out because of their idolatry. Israel is not to follow their religious practices but tear down their pagan idols and altars.

Israel is to worship only the Lord God. Obedience will bring blessings; food, water, no sickness, no miscarriages or barren wombs, and a full life. Terror will go before them and every tribe/nation will run away. These enemies of God [and Israel] will be driven out in a controlled manner such that the wild animals will not cause problems. God is giving them the land from Egypt to and including the Philistine territory and from the Negev north along the Jordan River. But they must drive out the Canaanites and worship the Lord God. They are not to worship as do the Canaanites. God will give Israel the land but their faith in and obedience to God is necessary for the Lord and His angel to be involved in aiding them to drive the Canaanites out of His Promised land.

God now calls Aaron, his two sons, and the 70 elders of Israel to come visit Him on the mountain. The people must continue to stay off the mountain whereas Moses will ascend the mountain to meet further with God. But first Moses tells the people what God has revealed, their civil laws and God’s Covenant, and His desire for obedience and worship. Israel unanimously and enthusiastically agrees to God’s terms. The next morning Moses builds an altar and leads Israel in worship of the Lord with sacrifices, reading the Book of the Covenant [which Moses had written] to the people. The people respond again pledging to obey all God’s statutes. Their promise to obey is sealed by the sprinkling of sacrificial blood on the people.

Then Moses, Aaron and his sons, and the 70 elders ascend onto Mt. Sinai where they see the feet of God. [See I Cor. 13:12.]


1. God has a plan and that plan is to bring Glory to His Name. The execution of that Plan involves a Covenant. Israel is called into the Covenant of Promise. We are called into the Covenant of Faith as is the Church called into that same Covenant, to bring Glory to His Name.

2. God promises land and blessing provided we promise to obey His statues and worship only Him as Lord God. God promises us eternal life with Him in Heaven if we are faithful and obey His Will.

3. We confirm our faithfulness to God by worshipping Him only. We worship Him in loving service [Romans 12] because His Son, Jesus Christ, shed His blood for our sin.

4. We worship the Lord through the Lord’s Supper, remembering and thanking Him for what he did for us. We worship the Lord through the reading of His Word and obeying it. We worship the Lord by fighting against, removing, and destroying the worship of idols [power, position, prestige] and its’ resulting sinful behavior in our culture.

5. Because we have proclaimed our faith in Him and committed to obey Him, we will be privileged to see God. We will see Him in our daily lives and one day we will see Him face to face. Look for Him today and praise Him with your worship.

The worship of idols in place of the Lord God brings destruction.

Obedience to God breaks forth His Blessings and a full life, eternal life.

[John 10:10]

These are GOD’s PROMISES and HE is FAITHFUL.


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