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15. A New Beginning

June 26, 2009

Text:   Exodus 33:1-35:3

Key Verses:   Exodus 33:19

Outline:            I. God’s Mission is Still a Go      Ex. 33:1-6

                            II. God’s Leader is Still Moses      Ex. 33:7-34:9

                            III. God’s Requirements are Still the Same      Ex. 34:10-35:3


     There is nothing in this portion of Scripture that hasn’t been said or has happened before. For proof, see Lessons 9-12. God is indeed beginning again, forgiving and forgetting Israel’s sin and laying the ground work and ground rules for reaching the Promised Land.

     Although Israel will not leave Mt. Sinai for some time, God tells them they will leave and enter the Promised Land. God will send His angel ahead of them to drive out the Canaanite tribes. But God is not going with them because His anger at their disobedient spirit may end up destroying them. God’s message causes Israel to mourn and they remove their jewelry expressing their sorrow for their disobedience.

     Moses has a practice of going to the Tent of Meeting outside the camp to talk with God. God’s cloud would descend on it just as it did on Mt. Sinai. While Moses was in the Tent the people worshipped . Joshua, Moses aid, resided at the Tent of Meeting. Perhaps this was located between Mt. Sinai and the Israeli camp and was the place where Moses settled complaints after seeking God’s wisdom.

     Moses meets with God and wants to know who will lead him so that he can lead Israel. God says His Presence will go with Moses, that is His Holy Spirit. Moses does not want to leave unless God is with them so he asks God to confirm his favor with God and his leadership over Israel by having God show him His Glory. God agrees by promising to proclaim His Name before Moses, hiding him in a rock, passing by him, and letting Moses see His back.

     Moses is told to chisel out two stone tablets like the ones he broke and ascend Mt. Sinai so God can rewrite His Law on them. No one is to accompany Moses, not even Joshua. The Lord descends on the mountain in a cloud and fulfills His promise to Moses by showing him His Glory and proclaiming not only His Name but revealing His character; compassionate, gracious, patient, loving, faithful, forgiving, and just. Moses bows in worship asking God to forgive them and to lead them.

     God responds by promising to do even more miraculous deeds to show that He is Lord. They are to obey God and, as a result, He will drive out their enemies. 

They are to obey God and:

          • not make treaties with the Canaanites,

          • not intermarry, and

         • not practice idolatry.

They are to obey God and:

          • celebrate the appointed Feasts,

          • dedicate their firstborn to God,

           • observe the Sabbath, and

          • offer God their best.

     Moses stayed on Mt. Sinai another 40 days fasting and worshipping the Lord while God wrote His Ten Commandments on the two new stone tablets.

     Moses returns to Israel’s camp with a radiant face causing the people to fear him. Moses calls them all together and repeats the instructions and Laws that God gave him on Mt. Sinai. Moses always wore a veil among the people after speaking with God. Moses gathers the people together again to emphasize the need to observe the Sabbath.


     1. True forgiveness from God must be preceeded by repentant hearts and a desire to obey Him.

     2. God never tires of starting over when our hearts are truly repentant. He indeed is loving , compassionate, and patient with us.

     3. God does not change leaders who are faithful to Him. Israel has one person, Moses, appointed to redeem them and lead them to God’s Promised Land. He is an example of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who has the power to cleanse us from sin and lead us into His Presence for all eternity.

     4. Know God and know His character. Remember He is both loving and just.

     5. God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever [Hebrews 13:8]. Obeying His Word will change our hearts.

     6. Repetition and reminders are necessary if we are to remain obedient and faithful to God. Read His Word and pray on a daily basis.


Know God and Know His Character.

Meet with Him Daily and Observe the Sabbath.


Worship God for 40 continuous days


Your countenance will also change.


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