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16. Preparation for Worship and for God’s Presence

June 26, 2009

Text:   Exodus 35:4-40:38

Key Verses:   Exodus 35:29; 36:6-7; 40:34

Outline:              I. Bring Your Offerings and Talents      Ex. 35:4-36:7

II. Build God’s Tabernacle      Ex. 36:8-40:8

III. Consecrate the Tabernacle and the Priests      Ex. 40:9-19

IV. God’s Glory Fills His Tabernacle      Ex. 40:20-38


Moses calls the people together and asks them to give of their possessions as an offering with which to build God’s Tabernacle. Moses also asks the people to volunteer their talents and time to build and assemble the Tabernacle, its’ articles, and the priests garments. The people gladly contributed to the Tabernacle as requested by Moses.

Moses introduces Bezalel and Oholiab to lead this effort in design, build, and in teaching the needed skills to others. Israel’s offerings were so great that Moses was requested to restrain the people from giving.

The design and build of the Tabernacle, its’ furnishings, and the priests garments are described in detail in Chapters 36-39. Upon completion, the craftsmen bring all the components to Moses for inspection. He sees that God’s instructions have been followed and blesses them for their excellent work.

The Lord instructs Moses to assemble the Tabernacle from the innermost part to the outer most parts. Next Moses is instructed to anoint all the components with oil, consecrating them and making it holy. Likewise, Aaron and his sons are to be washed and dressed into their priestly garments for their anointing and consecration to the Lord.

This was all completed on the 1st day of the 1st month of the second year. Therefore, Israel is now one year into their exodus from Egypt.

The Tabernacle is complete and functioning as God intended. A cloud descends over the Tabernacle and God’s Glory fills it such that Moses could not enter. When the cloud lifted, Israel could travel. If it did not lift, they stayed put.


1. Worshipping the Lord begins with the giving of one’s time, talent, and treasure to the Lord.

2. God needs a dwelling place if we are to worship Him on earth. Prior to Jesus’ death and resurrection, the place of worship was the tabernacle or temple. With the advent of His Holy Spirit, God’s temple is in our hearts and among His people. [see I Cor. 6:19 and I Cor. 3:16]

3. True worship cannot begin until we are consecrated to serve Him. We are to humble ourselves before Him, acknowledge that He is Lord, and commit ourselves to obey Him. Our attitude is to be one of awe and respect for what He has done; redeeming us to become His children.

4. When we commit to serving the Lord, His Glory [Presence/Holy Spirit] indwells us and leads us according to God’s Will. Let us trust and obey Him enabling others to see His Glory and enter His Kingdom.

5. Worshipping the Lord God is a witness to others of God’s Glory. Therefore, observe the Sabbath.


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