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2. God Calls Moses

June 26, 2009

Text:   Exodus 3:1-4:17

Key Verses:   Exodus 3:19-20

Outline:             I. God Gets Moses’ Attention      Ex. 3:1-5

II. God Gives Moses His Assignment      Ex. 3:6-9

III. God Assures Moses’ Concerns      Ex. 3:10-4:17


Moses is tending sheep for his father-in-law and goes to the west side of the desert near Mt. Horeb [Mt. Sinai] where an angel appears to him in a burning bush which doesn’t burn up. Moses approaches the bush, looks closely and then God calls his name. God instructs Moses to remove his sandal because this place is holy. God declares He is the God of Israel so Moses hides his face in fear so he won’t die [he could also have been adopting a position of bowing in worship].

God tells Moses that He has heard the cry of Israel and is ready to deliver them from their oppression at the hands of Egypt and return them to the Promised Land He had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Moses is to be God’s instrument and go before Pharaoh to obtain his agreement to let Israel leave Egypt and return to the land of the Canaanites.

Moses Concerns God’s Assurance
I am not qualified. Ex. 3:11 I will be with you and you will worship me here at Mt. Horeb.
Ex. 3:12
What if the Israelites ask who sent me? I AM; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has sent you. Ex.
3:14-15The elders will listen to you. Ex. 3:18
What if the Israelites say they don’t believe me? I will give you 3 signs; your staff will become a snake if
thrown on the ground, your hand will become leprous if placed in your bosom,
and water from the Nile River will turn to blood when poured on the ground.
Ex. 4:2-9
I am not an eloquent speaker. Ex. 4:10 I will help you speak and tell you what to say. Remember,
I created you and I will be with you. Ex. 4:11-12
Please send someone else. Ex. 4:13 Your concerns anger me but I have arranged for Aaron to assist
you. Ex. 4:14-16

God tells Moses to assemble Israel’s elders and ask Pharaoh to let them go into the desert [Mt. Horeb] to worship their God. Pharaoh will say no but God promises to do many miracles until Pharaoh says yes. When they leave, they will leave with much silver and gold taken from the Egyptians. We will see later that God’s prophecies will all come true.


1. God knows our capabilities and our experiences. He always calls the right person for a special assignment. God has a special assignment for all who call Him Lord and place their faith in Him. Listen for His voice; listen to His voice; then come before His throne in humble worship to receive His assignment.

2. It’s OK to express your concerns to God. But listen closely to His answers, His promises, and His assurances. He will always be with us to guide us. He will always give us certain specific signs to assure us. And He will always provide help to overcome our shortcomings. All He requires is that we trust Him and obey.

3. God is the Master and we are His servants appointed to carry out His Plan. Let us worship Him and then step out in faith in the knowledge that He is with us leading the way.

4. Be careful. Refusing to obey, when you are the one person God trusts and has chosen for this special assignment, will anger God. Claiming to be a child of God,  a Christian, a person proclaiming faith in God, and refusing to do His Will is a serious offense to God. It is sin, and God hates sin.

5. God’s sovereign plan is commenced by His sovereign Will in His sovereign timing.

6. When God calls on you, listen to Him, ask for clarification, but don’t make Him angry by refusing to obey.

          As Christians, when we hear God’s Call;

               Listen to His instructions,

                    Express your concerns,

                         Believe God’s Promises and assurances, and

                              Obey, depending on Him.


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