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4. God’s First Nine Plagues Against Egypt

June 26, 2009

Text:   Exodus 7:8-10:29

Key Verses:   Exodus 7:16-17; 8:1,20; 9:1,16; 10:2

Outline:             I. The Beginning of God’s Wonders      Ex. 7:8-13

                             II. God Requires Our Worship      Ex. 7:9-9:12

                            III. God Requires We Make His Name Known      Ex. 9:13-10:29


     Many scholars have approached this section of Scripture in detail. I will take a simplified approach. I have put together a simple chart telling what is happening but the lessons and applications really come directly out of the key verses listed above.

Plague Announced Beforehand Against Duplicated by Egypt’s Magicians Pharaoh’s Response End Result
Aaron’s Rod becomes a snake; not a plague; Ex. 7:8-13 No Egypt’s magicians Yes His heart becomes harder. Aaron’s rod ate the magician’s snakes.
Nile turns to blood and fish die; Ex. 7:14-24 Yes All of Egypt’s water supply. Yes His heart becomes hard. Egyptians had to filter water or dig new wells.
Severe frog infestation; Ex. 8:1-15 Yes All of Egypt Yes Remove the frogs and Israel may worship. Frogs died but Pharaoh refused to let Israel go.
Dust turns into gnats; Ex. 8:16-19 No All of Egypt No His heart was hardened and he refuse to listen. Gnats die but Pharaoh remains stubborn.
Fly infestation; Ex. 8:20-32 Yes All of Egypt except Goshen No Go sacrifice in Egypt. Moses refuses Pharaoh’s offer.
Livestock die; Ex. 9:1-7 Yes All of Egypt except Goshen No Israel cannot leave Egypt. Egypt’s livestock dies and Israel’s lives.
Infestation of Boils on men & animals. Ex. 9:8-12 No Egyptians No Pharaoh’s heart is hardened by the Lord. Magicians could not stand in Moses’ presence.
Hail storm; Ex.9:13-35 Yes All Egypt except Goshen No I have sinned. I will let you go Pharaoh changes his mind and his heart is hardened.
Locust infestation; Ex.10:1-20 Yes All Egypt’s crops. No Realizes his sin but refuses to let Israel go. His heart is further hardened.
Darkness; Ex. 10:21-29 No All Egypt except Goshen No Take your families, but not animals, and go worship. Unwilling to let Israel go and threatens Moses’ life.


     We see God as:

         1. Patient and merciful; giving all ample time to understand what is happening by whom so they may acknowledge and worship the true Almighty God.

        2. Exercising progressive judgment over those who refuse God.

        3. Allowing all to experience God’s power and sovereignty but only unbelievers will experience His full wrath.

        4. A hardener of hearts ONLY because man refuses to accept/obey God’s Will. Man’s heart becomes hardened against God because he chooses to disobey God.

        5. Judge over those who refuse to accept Him as Lord God and sovereign over all His creation.

     The purpose of Exodus and the purpose of these plagues is to show Israel and Egypt the power and sovereignty of God. It is to show that the Lord’s Word is truth and that He keeps His promises. What God proclaims happens. Therefore we can believe with absolute certainty that:

           A. Christ died for our sins.

           B. We who trust Him in faith will live eternally, resurrected to live in fellowship with God.

           C. Jesus is coming again as King of Kings.

           D. GOD’S WORD is TRUTH!


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