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7. Israel’s First Test of Faith

June 26, 2009

Text:   Exodus 14:1-31

Key Verses:   Exodus 14:13-14

Outline:              I. Israel Fears Pharaoh’s Army      Ex. 14:1-12

                              II. Moses Tells Israel to Stay Calm      Ex. 14:13-18

                             III. The Lord Takes Control      Ex. 14:19-28

                             IV. Israel Trusts God      Ex. 14:29-31


     There is the traditional route of the Exodus in maps in most Bibles and Bible Atlases. But I would like to call your attention to two documentaries available on DVD’s; Search for the Real Mt. Sinai and Exodus Revealed authored by Ron Wyatt and Steve Rudd respectively. These are two alternate routes that make a lot of sense with respect to the Biblical text. They take different routes across the Red Sea but they end up in the same place, Saudi Arabia, for Mt. Sinai. Even though it would help if Saudi Arabia would let these two explorers evaluate their sites, I personally believe both of these options are a better fit to the Biblical text than the traditional view.

     Israel is told to camp at Pi Hahiroth by the sea opposite Baal Zephon so as to confuse Pharaoh’s hard heart and cause him to pursue Israel. God also wants to demonstrate once again that He is Lord and sovereign over all. Pharaoh does decide to pursue Israel with his army and over 600 chariots in hopes of overtaking them where they were camped.

     Israel sees the Egyptian army approaching and is terrified, crying out to God. Then they accuse Moses of bringing them into the desert to die. They would rather have stayed in Egypt as slaves and live. Moses tells them not to fear or panic and they will be delivered by the Lord. The Lord is going to fight for them and destroy the Egyptian army. God then tells Moses to get Israel moving and to raise his staff over the water so Israel can travel across the sea on dry ground. God’s angel, that is God’s cloud, moves from being in front of Israel to being between Israel and the Egyptian army. Egypt’s army is in complete darkness while Israel is in the light. It took all night for God to drive the waters of the Red Sea back and dry out the land so that Israel could cross safely.

     The Egyptian army pursues Israel on the sea’s dry land but the Lord caused them to be confused when their chariots began breaking down. They realized they were fighting the Lord and wanted to go back quickly. Israel is now safe on the other side and God instructs Moses to lift his hand over the sea once again so that the sea came together and the Egyptian army was destroyed.

     The Lord saved Israel. And Israel recognized it was the Lord’s doing, placing their trust in Him and His servant Moses.


     1. When you are walking in the Will of God and being led by Him, He will protect you and bring Glory to His Name. That is God’s Will; to bring Glory to His Name.

     2. The “wicked” are always warring against God’s people, we who are walking with and being led by God. When attacked, don’t panic but let the Lord fight the battle. Continue to follow God’s Will and don’t deviate from His Plan. The battle is the Lord’s [I Sam. 17:47; II Chron. 20:15].

     3. God is Sovereign and doesn’t deviate from His Plan so why should we consider deviating from following His Plan and being led by Him? We shouldn’t. We should persevere and continue to obey His Will.

     4. Remember specific tests in your life and be encouraged by His mighty hand, maturing in your faith [Heb. 11:17; Is. 48:10-11;Ps. 66:6-12; Job 23:10; Ps. 26:2-3].


Don’t Second Guess God; Trust Him.

God Tests our Faith so that He may Strengthen our Faith.

A Maturing Faith is a Tested Faith.



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