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8. Ups and Downs on the Way to Mt. Sinai

June 26, 2009

Alternate Titles:      Ups and Downs on the Way to Meeting God.

                                       On the Road Again.

                                       Redeemed; Now the Sanctification Process Begins.

Text:   Exodus 15:1-17:15

Outline:   See the chart on the following page.


     The outline really covers and includes any comments I would make. However, Exodus 15:1-18 contains at least 20 characteristics of the Lord God.

1. Above all. vs. 1                                                 11. Awesome. vs. 11

2. Strong. vs. 2                                                      12. Miracle worker. vs. 11

3. Savior. vs. 2                                                       13. Sovereign over all creation. vs. 12

4. Warrior vs. 3                                                      14. Unfailing love. vs. 13

5. Sovereign over enemies vs. 4                    15. Leader. vs. 13

6. Sovereign over nature. vs. 5                       16. Redeemer. vs. 13

7. Powerful. vs. 6                                                   17. Guide. vs. 13

8. Majestic. vs. 6                                                    18. Instills fear in His enemies. vs. 14

9. Anger. vs. 7                                                         19. Provider [inheritance/dwelling place] vs. 17

10. Holy vs. 11                                                         20. Eternal. vs. 18


     See the chart on the following page.

        1. Every day we either trust God or test God.

        2. We test God when we are down. God tests us when we are up. Trusting God and obeying God in all things will smooth out life’s journey. This is easy to say and easy to remember but difficult to do.

For a Smooth Journey in life; Trust God; do not Test Him.



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