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Background: Exodus

July 2, 2009

     This book authored by Moses covers only ~145 years instead of the 2300+ years covered by Genesis. In other words, it covers the time from Joseph’s death in ~1674BC until the Israelites are ready to leave Mt. Sinai for the Promised Land in ~1529BC. Chapters 1-13 documents their life in Egypt and Chapters 19-40 documents their sojourn at Mt. Sinai.

     After Joseph’s death, the Israelites are without a designated leader and they begin to forget God and His Promise of becoming a great nation and a blessing to others. God raises up Moses, the central figure of Exodus other than God Himself, to lead them home, to redeem them, to teach them to depend on God once again [faith], to sanctify them, and to settle them in His Promised Land. We see discrimination, persecution, and fear because of who they are and who they have become [God’s people]. They are not perfect but they are led by a higher power, God Almighty. The God of Israel, the one true God, is greater than all the other gods. Israel begins to worship their God, the Lord God once again. Exodus represents a huge step in the Israelites becoming what God wants them to be, a Godly influence to ungodly cultures.

     Exodus along with Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy are very important to understanding how God wants to relate to His people. The experiences recorded in these Books are often quoted and referenced throughout Scripture to show what Israel did right and what Israel did wrong. These Books are great interpretive tools to have and know in trying to understand what God is saying through other prophets and apostles.

     The steps God takes with Israel are the same as He takes with each of us as individuals and with His Church. He calls each of us out of our sin into life with Him. When we place our allegiance to a church denomination or any other form of government above the person and work of Jesus Christ and His Word [as did the church at Laodicea in Revelation 3], God will allow us to face persecution while raising up new leaders to take us in a new direction, teaching us to depend on Him and to worship Him in truth and in Spirit so we can become His People again.


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