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1. Getting Ready to Crossover

October 2, 2009

Text:   Joshua 1:1-2:24

Key Verses:   Joshua 1:6-9; 2:11-13

Outline:            I. God Instructs Joshua      Joshua 1:1-9

II. Joshua Instructs Israel      Joshua 1:10-18

III. Joshua Sends Out Spies      Joshua 2:1-21

IV. The Spies Return      Joshua 2:22-24


God tells Joshua to get the Israelites ready to cross the Jordan River. They will conquer the territories wherever they go because God is with them. God exhorts Joshua to be strong and courageous, to obey God’s Laws, to meditate on His law both day and night, and to not be afraid or discouraged. Doing so will guarantee success.

Joshua orders his officers to get everything ready so they can cross in three days. Most likely this happened after the spies returned in that it took 3 days after visiting Jericho to get back to camp. In getting ready, Joshua reminds Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh of their commitment to crossover and help Israel conquer the Land. They agreed and committed to obey Joshua’s leadership just as they did with Moses.

Joshua sends two spies over into Jericho where they entered Rahab’s house. She was a prostitute which seems strange to us. But it probably was a house where visitors came and went and would not gather much attention from the locals. However, the King of Jericho was informed and asked where the two Israelites were. Rahab was hiding them but she said they had already left her premises. Rahab visits the spies in their hiding place, revealing to the spies Jericho’s fear of them and their God. They have heard of their victories over Kings Sihon and Og and have even heard of their miraculous Red Sea crossing 40 years ago to escape from the Egyptians. Rahab declares Israel’s God to be The Almighty and asks for mercy for herself and her family. The spies agree if she will continue to remain quiet about where they are and Israel’s planned attack. Rahab helps them escape over the wall at night and tells them to hide in the hills for three days before heading back to their camp across the river. They agree that the rope she used to help them escape will define where her house is located and that she will receive mercy assuming she and her family remain quiet concerning their mission and remain inside. The spies need to return home safely for her to receive mercy. The spies have put themselves at her mercy and she, as a result, receives mercy from Israel’s army. This agreement and it’s conditions are very similar to that of the Passover.

The spies leave following Rahab’s instruction s and eventually return to Israel’s camp and report to Joshua that Jericho is trembling with fear.


When considering these applications/lessons, consider yourself as a member of God’s army commissioned to carry out God’s Will against the enemies of God. These enemies could exist in your neighborhood, your school, your workplace, your government, your nation, in other nations, and even in your church. We who place out trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord God Almighty are called to get ready for battle. Our sword is the Word of God and we extend God’s grace and mercy to all who will put their faith in the Lord. One’s allegiance to the Creator God determines who is saved and who is destroyed. We, who are saved, must tell others they too must choose before God determines it is too late. God’s love endures forever but His patience does not.

1. Fear takes over when God’s forces draw near.

2. Do not be surprised when support for God’s missions comes from unlikely sources. God’s Spirit goes before us in miraculous ways.

3. When God calls, victory is assured because God is with us. We become part of His Plan for His Purpose.

4. Against all odds, we are to be strong, courageous, and meditate on God’s Word day and night. God’s Word is important if we are to successfully live for God and to fight for Him, exalting His Name above all names.

5. We never go into battle for God alone or unprepared. Planning God’s mission is as important as executing God’s mission. Remind people of their commitments of time talents, treasure, and prayer. Enlist their support for the mission.

6. Scout out the enemy and look for their weak points. Understand their thinking and their emotions. They may not fear us but they may fear the Lord God Almighty. God changes hearts and that alone has a profound effect on those who refuse to believe and acknowledge God.

7. God reveals Himself in the hearts of those who recognize His miraculous works of salvation. He extends His mercy and grace to those who want to become His people. God’s mercy and grace are extended to those who commit to following and obeying Him.

8. Verify God has prepared His forces for victory and His enemies for defeat by risking your lives in enemy territory.

9. Victory is assured when we fear God and the enemy fears God’s wrath. Knowing God’s saving power trumps knowing His destructive power. Fear God and His saving power.


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