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5. Two Major Campaigns

October 2, 2009

Text:   Joshua 10:1-11:23

Key Verses:   Joshua 10:8; 11:6

Outline:      I. The Southern Campaign           Joshua 10:1-43

                          II. The Northern Campaign        Joshua 11:1-15

                         III. Mopping Up                              Joshua 11:16-23


     Israel’s camp remains at Gilgal until all the Promised Land is conquered. So the king of Jerusalem allies with the kings of Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish, and Eglon to fight Gibeon, who had made a treaty with Israel. Therefore, the Gibeonites ask Joshua to help them fight against these five southern kings. Joshua takes Israel’s army and goes to Gibeon with the Lord’s assurance that they will win. Israel’s army surprises the army from the south at Gibeon and they flee toward home. Some of the men from the south are killed but most were killed by a hailstorm while fleeing. Upon returning to Gibeon, Joshua asks the Lord in the presence of Israel to allow the sun and moon to stop so that all would know it was the Lord who gave them victory. This was a tremendous testimony of the power of Israel’s God, the Lord God Almighty, to both Israel and to the Gibeonites.

     Joshua and Israel’s army return to Gilgal and soon learn that the five kings from the south are hiding in caves near Makedah. Joshua instruct the army to seal the caves and guard them. Then they proceed to pursue the remaining men and kill them before they reach home. Only a very few reached home. Joshua opens the caves, remove the five kings, makes them an object lesson of the Lord’s work, kills them before Israel’s army, and buries them in the cave. The city of Makedah, its’ inhabitants and its’ king were also destroyed that day.

     Joshua proceeds to march to all the major cities in the south, destroying their inhabitants and killing their kings. Israel’s army destroyed Libnah, Lachish, Gezar, Eglon, Hebron, and Debir. Israel now controls all the Negev because God fought for Israel. Then Joshua and Israel’s army returned home to Gilgal.

     Then the northern kings of the hill country, at least seven kings, came with a large army to fight Israel. The Lord tells Joshua not to be afraid because He will deliver them into their hand too. Joshua and Israel’s army surprise these kings a Merom, attack them, and pursue them until there are no survivors. They burn their chariots and cripple their horses. Then Israel turns back to conquer Hazor. All the people in these northern cities were destroyed but only Hazor was burned. Israel carried off all their possessions and livestock back to Gilgal.

     Israel now controlled the north and the south. Joshua continued to battle and destroy other kings and cities in the north and also in the south, especially the hill country of the south.


     1. God is sovereign over the Godly and the ungodly. The ungodly are destroyed when His patience is gone.

     2. Our God is sovereign over all things, especially the battles of life.

     3. The Lord goes before us in the battles of life whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Seek the Lord, let Him lead you into battle, and praise Him in victory.

     4. Remember as God’s people, God’s enemies are your enemies and your enemies are God’s enemies. We are in battle together. Let God be your general. Obey Him, follow Him, trust Him, and depend on Him.

     5. God willingly assures us with both words and signs when we are obedient to His Will. Take time to listen and look for his assurance and promises.

     6. Once we have experienced victory in the major battle, do not be surprised when smaller battles surface. Remember, God assures us of complete victory when we place our trust in Him.


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