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11. David’s New Friend and Foe

December 17, 2009

Text:    I Samuel 18:1-19:24

Key Verse:    I Samuel 18:1

Outline:            I. David’s New Friend      I Samuel 18:1-4

II. David’s Reward      I Samuel 18:5-30

III. David’s New Foe      I Samuel 19:1-24


David and Saul talk, probably about his reward and position in Saul’s army after David’s bravery in killing Goliath. Jonathan and David become closes friends, as brothers, probably as a result of their demonstrated trust in God; Jonathan’s boldness in attacking the Philistine Camp and David’s slaying of Goliath. They had much in common; most important their faith in God. Jonathan even gifts David with his sword, a very valued possession.

David is given a lead position in Saul’s army and was accepted by the people and other officers. But Saul becomes jealous of David when he sees the people praising David more than him. An evil spirit comes upon Saul and he throws his spear at David twice but missed. Saul sends David off to war hoping he would be killed but he was very successful because the Lord was with him. Saul finally offers his daughter Merab to David but David refuses to be Saul’s son-in-law. Later, however, David accepts Saul’s daughter Michal as his wife but is told to kill 100 Philistines for the honor. Saul hopes David will be killed in battle. But David is successful, killing 200 Philistines. Saul becomes more jealous toward David and more afraid of David because he was successful in battle against the Philistines. David accomplished what Saul was unable to accomplish because the Lord was with David.

Saul makes it known to Jonathan and all his attendants that he wants David killed. But Jonathan warns David and sends him into hiding. Jonathan goes to his father hoping to convince Saul that his directive to kill David is without merit. Saul agrees and welcomes David back into his service.

David goes to war and again has great success. He returns to Saul and Saul hurls his spear at him a third time. David is forced to escape again. Saul’s men watch David’s house, planning to kill him in the morning but his wife Michal helps him escape during the night. When David doesn’t show, she claims he is sick. When they return, enter the house, and discover David is missing, Michal claims David would have killed her if she didn’t help him escape

David escapes to Samuel at Ramah and they go to Naioth where there are many prophets, Saul’s men pursue David but God’s Spirit comes upon them and they begin prophesying too. Saul comes and the same thing happens to him.


1. True friendship comes from a like interest and purpose. As Christians, our interest and purpose is trusting in the Lord and serving Him. Our best friends will be members of His Church, His Kingdom.

2. God rewards our faith in Him by giving us additional responsibilities and tasks. God rewards faith with success and recognition. But success also brings forth enemies.

3. When troubles arise, rely on your close friends and your spouse for wisdom and guidance to keep you safe. They are your friends and they are also God’s friends.

4. The greatest fear of the ungodly is the Godly. The Lord God Almighty is greater than any god and they know it even if they fail to admit it.

5. Good and evil are obvious foes. Good and evil are revealed by God’s Laws. Evil seems to always be on offense. Good seems to be always on defense. God prefers that these roles be reversed [see Romans 12:17-21].

6. God wants us to confront evil with love and compassion. If “evil” will not hear, it is time to move on, separating ourselves and letting God deal with it. This is why we need to elect Godly leaders to deal with such evils as abortion and terrorism. We must place our faith in God, in His Wisdom, and in His Will. David went to God through Samuel. We must go to the Lord God in prayer.

7. This lesson brings up the conflict between speaking the truth and lying. David’s wife lied to her father’s men to give time for David to put some distance between Saul’s men and wherever he chose to go. We are not to make a practice of lying but are to be honest in all that we say and do. But God does seem to allow it or accept it as a means of protecting good from evil. Rahab lied about the Israeli spies too and that gave her protection. People lied to protect the Jews against the Nazi’s also. But be very careful with this issue. Make very sure God is in agreement with the lie and that is for His good, not evil. This subject arises again in Lesson 15.


The true bond of Fellowship and Friendship is made real

through our Faith and Trust in God.

Trust God always.


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