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3. Samuel’s Calling to be God’s Servant

December 17, 2009

Text:      I Samuel 3:1-21

Key Verses:      I Samuel 3:10, 19

Outline:            I. The Lord is Absent      I Samuel 3:1

II. The Lord Comes Calling      I Samuel 3:2-10

III. The Lord Reveals His Will      I Samuel 3:11-18

IV. The Lord Visits Often      I Samuel 3:19-21


Samuel continues ministering at the tabernacle in Shiloh under Eli. It was a time of the Lord’s absence more so than a time of the Lord’s presence.

Eli is old and his vision is limited so Samuel is lying down near the lamp-stand in the tabernacle keeping watch so the light does not go out. It was the responsibility of the High Priest to personally maintain the light so it did not go out. God calls Samuel by name twice and Samuel runs to Eli thinking it was him who called. Samuel had been ministering in the tabernacle since he was a very young boy but he hadn’t had any personal contact with the Lord [see vs. 1]. Eli instructed him in his duties but not yet in God’s Word [Torah].

God call Samuel a third time and again he runs to Eli. Eli now realizes it is the Lord who is calling Samuel and instructs Samuel to say “Speak Lord for your servant is listening”. The Lord comes [to the Ark] and calls Samuel again. Samuel responds per Eli’s instruction. The Lord tells Samuel what He revealed to Eli through His prophet that Eli’s house will soon be judged because Eli had failed to correct his son’s wicked practices concerning the people’s offerings. Morning comes and Eli asks Samuel what the Lord had revealed to Samuel during the night. Samuel tells Eli everything and Eli accepts the Lord’s just judgment.

Samuel continues to minister and continues to hear God’s Word. Samuel speaks out to all who will listen and they recognize that Samuel is a prophet of the Lord God. God continues to appear at the tabernacle in Shiloh and to reveal Himself, His Word, and His Will to Samuel.


1. It seems to us Christians that the Lord is absent in the world and in our culture today too. But God continues to call Christians to minister and reveal Himself to the world. Have you heard His call? Have you answered His call? Are you a “true Christian” or a “pretend Christian”. Read the following Scripture references: Matthew 28:16-20; Romans 1:16-17; Luke 9:23-26. Answer God’s call and become a true Servant of the Lord God Almighty.

2. God’s news is both good and bad. For the unrepentant sinner, the news is bad. For the repentant and obedient, the news is good. The bad news results in no future fellowship with God. The good news is a future filled with intimate fellowship with God. God calls but we make the choice.

3. Hearing God’s call, listening to His Word and obeying His Word enables others to see and know God and assures us of God’s presence in our lives now and for eternity.

4. As Christians, God’s chosen people, God has called us to be His servants, His prophets, to reveal His Word and His Will to all who will listen. His message is one of hope for those who will hear, accept, and obey or His message is one of judgment for those who refuse to hear, accept, and obey. Our highest calling and greatest responsibility is to reveal the Lord God Almighty to others.


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