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18. Israel United

January 19, 2010

Text: II Samuel 7:1-9:13

Harmony Text: I Chronicles 17:1-18:16

Outline: I. David’s Vision      II Samuel 7:1-3

II. God’s Vision      II Samuel 7:4-17

III. God’s Vision becomes David’s Vision      II Samuel 7:18-29

IV. Israel Increases Its’ Borders and Influence      II Samuel 8:1-14

`                      V. Characteristics of David’s Rule      II Samuel 8:15-9:13


David is King, the ARK is in Jerusalem, and Israel is united. This scripture summarizes David’s attitude and rule. The role of the priests is diminishing and the role of the prophet is increasing. Some of this lesson is prophetic in nature. It looks to Solomon, David’s successor, and beyond but its real fulfillment is found in Christ. We are not just talking about the Kingdom of David but are getting a glimpse of the Kingdom of God. An alternative title for this lesson could easily be The Church United.

David has unified Israel and he is residing in Jerusalem as their King. There is peace. Now that the ARK is in Jerusalem, David discusses his desire to build a permanent structure for it with the prophet Nathan. The circumstances could be described as follows:  You have moved into your new house in a new neighborhood. You are having coffee at Starbucks with your Pastor and you say “let’s build us a church”. The Pastor agrees it’s a good idea. This describes what is happening in II Samuel 7:1-3

The Lord relays to Nathan that He doesn’t desire a permanent structure because His desire is to dwell permanently in the heart of David and in the heart of Israel. In fact, God’s vision is to establish David’s throne/rule forever through his offspring and building an eternal kingdom [Messianic thought]. God is saying “Israel is unified under you, David, so unify them to Me. We have a close relationship so let’s expand this relationship to all Israel.” David proclaims that God is Sovereign, that he is humbled by the Lord’s Word, and that he is God’s servant. David proclaims God’s greatness, that God has chosen to redeem Israel as His people, that God will bless them and remove their enemies, and that God is now the God of Israel. [Davidic Covenant] David asks that God keep His promise that the Lord will always be Israel’s God and that God’s sovereignty and blessing over Israel will be forever.

The story changes from vision to accomplishments. We see David defeating the Philistines, the Moabites, the king of Zobah, the Arameans, and dedicating the plunder to the Lord. We learn that David and his advisors rule justly and right. David desires to show kindness to the House of Saul and learns of Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s crippled son, through Ziba, Saul’s servant. David brings Mephibosheth to his palace where he acknowledges David as King. David shows his kindness by returning all the lands belonging to Saul and makes him a member of David’s family. Mephibosheth is humbled. David instructs Ziba and his family to work the land and continue to serve Mephibosheth. Ziba agrees, acknowledging David as King.

Consider the following:


1. Our vision, even when it happens to be good and proper, is always small in comparison to God’s vision. We must dedicate ourselves to see and hear God’s vision for His Kingdom.

2. God’s Kingdom is populated with chosen and humble servants who acknowledge God’s sovereignty and blessing. They boldly proclaim God as Lord. Imitate them.

3. Seeing and/or hearing God’s vision is a humbling experience. God is able to do much more than we can comprehend [Eph. 3:20-21].

4. David is victorious over Israel’s enemies as the Lord is victorious over His enemies. “We are more than conquerors…..[Romans 8:37].

5. David rules justly and with righteousness as does the Lord God. We are to do likewise as servants in His Kingdom. David receives the rejected and the outcasts at his table. The Lord receives us, who are also rejected and outcast through sin, when we receive His Grace and acknowledge Him as King of our lives. We fellowship with Him daily forever. We are also mindful of His mercy, grace, love, and faithfulness when celebrating the Lord’s Supper. Never forget or postpone an opportunity to fellowship with the Lord or to minister to those in need.

Love God and love your fellow man.

Be A Kingdom Builder.


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